Tips for MOBs While Wedding Dress Shopping

Tips for MOBs While Wedding Dress Shopping

While there’s plenty of advice out there for brides-to-be & their besties, we can’t forget about the women who made it all possible—the mothers of the brides! We’ve rounded up our top wedding dress shopping tips for MOBs to make the shopping experience extra enjoyable. Take a look.

Come prepared.

What better way to arrive to your daughter’s appointment than to arrive prepared? To make for a more fun and efficient shopping experience, discuss a budget with your daughter ahead of time so you’re both on the same page. Also, make sure to eat a little something before the appointment, so everyone is focused on finding the perfect dress for your daughter and not feeling hangry!

Listen and offer advice when asked.

The shopping experience is all about finding that dress that makes her feel her best, and therefore happiest! With that, make sure to listen to what she wants and offer your advice when she asks. While you may have your opinions and reservations, her wedding day is about her, so definitely make sure to keep her wants and wishes in mind.

Let her lead the way.

While it may be very exciting to think about what you want to wear on the big day, wait to shop for your MOB dress until after she finds the wedding dress of her dreams.

Be flexible.

While what you wore when you got married may gave been the latest trend, your wedding dress may not be in style any more. Your daughter may want to keep up with the trends just like you did—so be prepared for possible pops of color, bling, or intricate details!

You’re there for support.

As her mom, your daughter looks up to you for advice as has since she was little—and this day is no different! Try to keep the day as relaxing, calming, and enjoyable as possible for her, and most importantly, offer love and support during this very exciting time.


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