How to Match Your Bouquet to Your Wedding Dress

You’ve said “yes!” to the wedding dress of your dreams—now it’s time to decide how you’ll style the object that complements your dress best: your bouquet! Whether you’ve got plenty of inspiration or no idea at all, there’s one question our brides always ask—how do I match my bouquet to my wedding dress? We spoke to expert florists to get their advice on how to make the perfect match, below.


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“If you’re looking to carry a bouquet that best complements your bridal look, look to texture instead of wondering how to complement traditional bridal gown white,” says Rhiannon Bosse. What does this mean for you? Take a look at the fabric your dress is made out of—it can say a lot about how to best match your bouquet to your look. Is your dress covered in intricate beading? Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design suggests holding a bouquet that enhances these details rather than overshadowing them—”perhaps a simpler bouquet of only calla lilies or any other type of single flower variety,” she says. Is your gown all lace or covered in beautiful appliqués?  “It may look especially striking with a small European-style bouquet of ivory garden roses,” suggests Rhiannon.

Think Theme

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Chances are, if you have an overall theme in mind for your wedding, your wedding dress already matches that theme in some form. Therefore, choosing flowers this way can make it easier. “For bridal bouquets, I really like to stay as close as I can on the overall wedding look and design,” says Vanessa Jaimes of Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design. “For instance, if [the bride] is going for a boho theme, I like to stay on the same page for her personal flowers and floral decorations,” she says, using options like dried elements and eucalyptus to achieve the look, like the bouquet pictured above.


Credits: Photo: @AllanZepedaPhoto | Floral: @RhiannonBosse

Consider both the footprint of your dress and the silhouette when deciding on the bouquet that works best for you. A slim, simple sheath gown will be complimented by a completely different bouquet than a grand ballgown with a cathedral train and veil. “A gown with a sleek silhouette and dramatic train might pair well with a larger bouquet that’s heavy on movement and designed asymmetrically,” says Rhiannon Bosse. Flower and foliage varieties like wild sweet peas, jasmine vine, helleboras, and anemones would be a great option to suggest to your florist to achieve this. Do you plan to say “I do” in a simple, romantic style? “I would recommend a more feminine, garden style bouquet,” explains Kiana Underwood. Try roses, dahlias or ranunculus—like the bouquet above.

Seasonal Options

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To save on blooms and pay homage to the location and season of your nuptials, ask your florist what local flowers and foliage are in season at the time of your wedding. Once you have the names of those blooms, Rhiannon Bosse suggests you take things one step further and see if there are any local farms near you that grow what you’re looking for. “Some of the most beautiful mock orange peonies, snap dragons, cosmos, dahlias, blooming branches, nine bark, and berries I’ve ever designed with have been supplied by my own personal garden or small growers and farmers just a short drive from my studio—making those particular bouquets feel extra personal and literally homegrown,” she says. Not only will using seasonally grown flowers look beautiful on your special day, but you’ll be supporting small businesses as well.

Sentimental Value

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Perhaps you’re unsure of the overall look or colors of your bouquet, but you’re absolutely positive that you want to carry a specific flower for sentimental reasons. Go with it! Rhiannon Bosse explains that your bouquet will look and feel all that more special because it’s comprised of flowers that have meaning to you, even if you’re unsure of how they’ll compliment your dress. “Whether you carry peonies down the aisle because they were your grandmother’s favorite, lilies because your spouse-t0-be brought them on your first date, or ranunculus because they are equal parts beautiful and quirky, it’s completely alright if your bouquet doesn’t adhere to any standards or rules,” she says. Take this opportunity to make your bouquet even that more personal by adding a piece of borrowed blue fabric from a close family member as your “something blue”, like the bouquet above.

Personal Taste

Credits: Photo: @JoseVilla | Floral: @TulipinaDesign

At the end of the day, matching your bouquet comes down to personal taste, and there’s no right or wrong bouquet for you and your beautiful gown. “Some brides really want the large statement bouquet, while others want a classic look more focused on one type of flower,” explains Kiana Underwood. Whether it’s your wedding colors that inspire you, your own personal street style, your gown, your venue—at the end of the day, your bouquet will look beautiful and special, because it’s unique to you!

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