5 Ways to Spice Up Wedding Traditions

5 Ways to Spice Up Wedding Traditions

Done are the days when aisle runners could only be white and seeing the bride before the ceremony was a huge no-go. Shake up the traditional elements of a wedding with these fun ideas, below.

Let’s (not) eat cake!

Although a stunning cake will forever be a showstopper, having something other than your typical sweet treat would be creative as well! A donut tower, cookie cake, tiers of brownies or cheesecakes are other ideas to shake up the traditional wedding cake!

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Say goodbye to superstition.

Way back when, it was unheard of to see the bride before she walked down the aisle. Nowadays, “first looks” are gaining a ton of popularity! For those who are unfamiliar, a first look is when the couple arranges a place to meet before the ceremony to share a special moment alone. Your photographer is usually somewhere nearby to snap some shots of each other’s reactions.

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Find your seat—and your favor!

Get the biggest bang for your buck and use your wedding favors as the seating numbers. By using small but personal items to assign each guest to the table they are sitting at, you are also supplying everyone with a favor to take home.

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Strut your stuff and show off your style.

Your walk down the aisle is a very special moment for you and your other half waiting at the end. Change up the traditional white runner with something that shows the personality of you as a couple!

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Forego the flowers.

While carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle is classically bridal, there are other great options if you choose to forego a bouquet. Try a beaded clutch or a bouquet of sequined broaches for an elegant look. And of course, if at the reception you want to throw a bouquet to your ladies, ask your florist to make you a small one.

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