How to Pick the Right Veil for Your Dress

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We get so many questions on our Facebook and Instagram asking, “how do I pick the right veil for my wedding dress?” Well, we’ve got the scoop! We spoke with our expert team of accessories consultants and found out their top tips for finding the veil that works best for you—find out, below.

Trust your consultant.

When you book an accessories appointment, you’ll be paired with an expert accessories consultant who will help guide you in finding the veil that works perfectly with your wedding dress. It may seem a little nerve-wracking tackling finding a veil to match your beautiful gown, but don’t worry, your consultant is here to help. Accessories consultant Kim says, “Always trust your consultant. He or she is there to style you and would never let you walk down the aisle looking over or under accessorized,”

Keep your dress details in mind.

When choosing a veil, it’s always important to think about how it’ll work with your wedding dress. Accessories consultant Zoey says, “The veil is supposed to complement the dress, not overpower it. It’s a good idea to decide which elements in your dress you want to be highlighted with the veil,” Talk with your consultant about the details of your dress, such as color, beading, embroidery and more. Accessories consultant Candice suggests, when picking a veil color to go with the color of your dress, “You should always go a shade lighter so it brightens the dress,”

If you’re unsure, go back to basics.

We offer countless options in store to choose from, but if you’re really unsure, always go simple. Accessories consultant Zoey recommends, “When in doubt, a cathedral length veil will always make your guests cry,” There’s something very special and timeless about a long white veil trailing down the aisle behind you—so keep this in mind as an option.

Go with your gut.

Finally, above all, go with your instincts regarding choosing the right veil for you. Accessories consultant Candice says, “Don’t feel stressed about picking the right veil for the dress because when it feels right, it’ll work,” Does the lace you like on a particular veil complement your dress? Perhaps the beading on a certain elbow length two tier style works well with the beading on the bodice of your gown. Whatever it might be, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding—go with what you love!

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