Le Spose Di Gio

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Sleeveless V-neck floral wedding dress

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Price: $4,940.00

Flower print organza dress, cut on the waist with a soft skirt.

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About the Designer

Le Spose Di Gio

Bridal Designer

Le Spose Di Gio

The Italian De Capitani sisters have cultivated a style that reveals an image of the modern bride who is exquisitely in tune with the times. Great care and attention is paid to the dress details to make everything appear natural and self-assured, while never leaving anything to chance. Creativity, commitment, and continual stylistic research are […]

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Size & Availability

Le Spose Di Gio wedding dresses can be ordered from the designer in size 38-50.

The A-line dress silhouette is narrow at the top and extends among the body into the shape of an ‘A.’ The gradual flare can be used to disguise hips, buttocks and legs if you’re not looking to show those off on your wedding day. This silhouette is universally flattering and works for any body type or height.


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Flower print organza dress, cut on the waist with a soft skirt.

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