Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
October 5, 2013
Dublin, Ohio
Gown Designer
Jim Hjelm
Kleinfeld Consultant
Jenny Ploughman
Who did you bring?

5 of my cousins
My Experience

I must say the experience at this salon, Is every brides dream!!! When we arrived at the salon, the staff greeted us right away. And then the fantasy began. Even though my budget wasn't very high. I felt as if we were treated like royalty. I finally tried on the gown, after some convincing. And I absolutely loved it. The gown looked amazing on me. Fit my figure perfectly, and the color looked amazing. All of my cousins teared up when the seen me. I said Yes to that dress!!! It was such an amazing experience. It was well worth the 500 mile drive. Friends & Family are still talking about my gown after the wedding. Thank you again!!