Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
August 9, 2013
Bay Bulls, NL
Gown Designer
Pnina Tornai
Kleinfeld Consultant
Who did you bring?

My mother, mother in law, and 2 friends
My Experience

I was engaged to my husband after only 2 months of dating and our entire relationship has been a whirlwind fairytale - as is such, I was so lucky to travel to NYC with my mom to shop for an amazing gown. After trying on about 30 gowns with Christiane, she asked if she could bring me this dress. I tried it on and immediately loved how it made me feel. Unsure as to if it was "the one", I left the salon to visit others and try on more gowns. After poor consults, small dressing rooms with no robes, and a long day of walking, I realized that I needed to go back to Kleinfeld for this beautiful Pnina. I responded to the customer service form and mentioned that I hadn't been sure if I'd found my dress or not and within 10 minutes (no joke). Ronnie Rothstein himself was calling my cell and telling me he'd open the salon early (as there were no more appointments) and have Christiane meet me to dry on the dress once again. In fact, he said he was willing to have me try on every dress in the store until I found my dress. Needless to say, I was sold. Not only on the dress, but on the outstanding service I had received. Kleinfeld made my wedding that much more magical, that much more enjoyable, and that much more memorable. My dress (and my experience) was perfect.