Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
August 23, 2013
Freehold, NJ
Gown Designer
Dennis Basso
Who did you bring?

My mother the first time and my mother and sister the second time.
My Experience

I came into Kleinfelds having an idea of what type of dress I wanted but was definetly open to opinions. I showed my consultant a picture of a dress I found on pinterest that I absolutley fell in love with and she said "Wait here, I have your dress". It was the first wedding dress I have ever stepped into and in that moment I knew it was mine. I couldn't beleive what I was seeing in the mirror but I saw a bride and most of all I saw myself walking down the isle. I didn't want to go to crazy because I knew it was my first dress so it couldn't possibly be the one with thousands of other dresses in the store to choose from. I came out in 10 more dresses to show my mother, as she was the only person I thought I wanted to share my first dress experience with that day. She fell in love with the first dress as well but for some reason I couldn't make a decision that day. I came back months later with my mother and my sister who came from Florida to come to Kleinfelds with me. I walked out in my top 3 dresses and only got a "oh pretty, but i'm not crazy about it" from my sister. I thought to myself, wow I'm never going to find my dress if neither of these have impressed her yet. I then came out in the first dress I had tried on and I look to my left and my sister is crying. I couldn't beleive that I had found my dress and the missing part of my first visit was my sisters approval. This dress made me feel like the princess I had always dreamed of being on my wedding day and I could not thank Kleinfelds enough for making the wedding of my dreams come true. August 23, 2013 was the best day of my life and I will forever cherish the memories of marrying the love of my life.