Alterations During the Pandemic: What’s Different?

Whether you’re coming in for your first alterations fitting in a few weeks or next year, your alterations experience with us will likely be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. And while the actual fitting process hasn’t changed much, the overall alterations experience has—how? Learn more about what’s different with our fittings during the pandemic, below.

Our guest policy has changed.

Due to coronavirus capacity limitations set by the government, we can only allow you to bring 2 guests to your appointment. Not only does this make for a safer alterations experience for you, but for our other brides and our staff members. Plus, selecting 2 special people to bring with you makes the experience even more intimate and keeps the focus on you.

Safety measures have been put into place.

Just like upstairs in our salon, safety measures have been put into place to ensure the safety of you, our brides and our staff. All guests must wear a mask, and temperatures will be taken at the door (those with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will not be permitted). You’ll also need to fill out paperwork about your travels once you arrive to our alterations department. Finally, to encourage social distancing, our alterations staff has been reduced, and our fittings have been reduced to 50% each day.

Don’t forget your shoes!

While bringing the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day (or those with the same heel height) to all of your fittings has not changed, bringing them is more important than ever. Why? If you forget to bring them with you, you may need to reschedule your fitting for a time when you can bring your shoes along. Because our alterations department is operating at 50% capacity, rescheduling your fitting may take longer than expected, delaying your alterations timeline. In order to ensure your dress is fitted to your specifications in a timely manner, make sure to bring your wedding shoes with you to all of your fittings!

Storing your gown properly is very important.

Once you bring your gown home, first, do a happy dance! Then, take the proper steps to ensure your dress is stored properly before your wedding date. Whether you altered your dress with Kleinfeld and picked it up, had it shipped after your last fitting, or if you chose not to alter with us and had it shipped, remove all of the plastic covering off your gown immediately. Your dress should be covered in a clean white sheet and either hung or stored in a box depending on its weight. If your dress is lightweight, cut a small hole in the center of your clean sheet, feed the hanger of your dress through the hole, and cover your dress on the hanger and store it in its Kleinfeld cloth bag for an extra layer of dust protection and moisture control. If your gown is heavy, lay the sheet down, gently roll your dress in the sheet, place it in a box, and store it in a dark, dry area such as under your bed or in your closet.

Check-in on your gown.

If you’re not getting married for a few months or you’ve postponed until next year, make sure to check in on your altered gown often to ensure its condition is perfect. Every few months, try your gown on to make sure it still fits as you like it. And if your wedding has moved to a significant time away, consider preserving your gown with Kleinfeld Gown Preservation.

If you’ve moved your wedding, allot more time for alterations.

If your wedding was moved from 2020 to 2021, we want to start your fittings sooner! Our alterations department is now encouraging brides to start fittings 4 months before their wedding, rather than the typical 8 to 12 weeks prior to your wedding date. If you’ve moved your 2020 wedding date to 2021 recently and have not alerted our team, contact us as soon as possible so that we can book your fittings to fit your schedule. Don’t stress though if you ordered your gown for your 2021 wedding—your fittings will follow our 8 to 12-week timeline and we will contact you when your dress arrives.


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