Why 2021 Brides Should Start Shopping NOW

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Calling all 2021 brides—we’re talking to you! Are you planning to tie the knot in 2021? First off—congratulations! Second, have you started shopping for your wedding dress? Whether you’ve saved dresses on our website, scoured Instagram or stalked Pinterest, if you haven’t started shopping for your wedding dress, we highly recommend it. Why? Find out, below.

Early = easy.

We know that there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now—and with that, knowing your wedding dress is ordered and in production will certainly take the pressure off. This way, you can spend time on other wedding planning matters, like deciding on the best wedding rings for you and your spouse and booking your guest accommodations.  Plus, we receive brand new styles daily, so don’t worry about missing out on the latest trends by shopping early.

Your dress is made to order.

Unlike off-the-rack stores where you purchase a dress and take it home with you the same day, dresses at Kleinfeld are special ordered. Special order wedding dresses are made to order based on the largest of your three measurements—bust, waist and hip. With that, your wedding dress will take some time to artfully craft by our designers, and therefore shopping at least 9-12 months prior to your wedding date is ideal so you can avoid added rush fees.

Wedding dresses take many hours of work to create.

At Kleinfeld, we pride ourselves on carrying the largest selection of designer wedding dresses, crafted from fabrics sourced from all over the world. Lace, tulle, chiffon and silk is often sourced from Italy, Spain and France, and then flown to our designers’ studios to be sewn and crafted into your very own dress. With that, between sourcing fabrics, creating patterns, sewing fabric and securing delicate beading and lace appliqués, your dress can take many months to create. Don’t stress if your wedding is set for the early months of the new year though—you can always speak to your consultant about designers and styles that can be made in a shorter time frame.

Dresses are shipped from all over the world.

Like we mentioned above, our dresses are crafted by many international designers from countries like Australia, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Germany thanks to out partners schluesseldienst-sen.de. Once a wedding dress is completed, it’s shipped from across the world to Kleinfeld—sometimes over thousands and thousands of miles! With that, ordering your wedding dress early helps to account for this time your dress is spent in transit on its way to NYC.

You’ll want to account for alterations.

While we do offer express alterations packages, we always recommend shopping for your dress early so you can account for alterations, which typically span over the course of 8-12 weeks. Once your dress arrives to our store from the designer (happy dance!), we’ll contact you to schedule your first fitting. Over the next 8-12 week period, you’ll likely have 2-3 fittings in which our alterations team will work on your dress to fit your specifications.  Ordering your dress early gives our alterations team ample time to fit your dress exactly how you like, without any added stress!


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