Consultants Share Their Favorite Parts of Their Jobs

Consultants Share Their Favorite Part of Their Jobs at Kleinfeld

For our consultants, there’s not one part of their day they don’t love—from learning the ins and outs of each and every dress we carry (over 1,000!), to filming the show, and everything in between. But, many of our consultants have a part of their day to day that stands out above the rest—and each story is different! Read on to see our consultants’ favorite parts of their jobs, below. 

Knowing the dress is the one.

For consultant Debbie, knowing that the dress her bride has on is her dream dress means everything to her. “The most favorite part of my job is seeing a bride’s glowing expression when I zip her up in the perfect dress,” says Debbie. “She knows it’s right. I usually get the honor and pleasure of this moment before anyone else. It’s the best!”

Our large selection of dresses and accessories. 

“Being able to be surrounded by so many beautiful dresses and accessories is amazing,” says consultant Kelsey, “but having that moment when you find the one perfect dress for your bride is my favorite,” Because we carry over 1,000 wedding dresses in store, as well as hundreds of headpieces, veils, and jewelry options, you’ll never have to turn anywhere else to find the perfect wedding day look for you.

Helping brides say yes. 

“My favorite part of my job is seeing the joy, happiness and relief on a bride’s face when she finds her dream dress!” says consultant Lisa. She used to work for and it was not a lot of communication and emotions. And at Kleinfeld, Lisa, along with our team of consultants, helps over 8,000 brides say ‘yes!’ to their wedding dresses each year.  “It makes me feel amazing knowing that I had a part in one of the most special days of her life,”she boasts.

Working with so many different personalities. 

Whether you’re a whimsical Hayley Paige bride, a classic Michelle Roth bride, or a romantic Disney Fairy Tale Weddings bride, our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience working with brides with all different types of wedding personalities. “My favorite part of my job is seeing all the different brides we get in a whole day, we can have an extra glam bride to a super chill casual bride and both are just so happy to be here,” says consultant Zoey.

Confident brides. 

Here at Kleinfeld, we’ve made it our mission to help our brides feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves on their wedding day. “Helping the bride find her gown and seeing her happy and confident is my absolute favorite,” explains consultant Candace. “When you look good, you feel good, and that is a reward within itself,” she says.

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