What Real Kleinfeld Brides Say Shopping at Kleinfeld is Like Post-Covid

Whether you’ve been scouring Pinterest saving bridal inspiration, favoriting dresses online or oohing and ahhing on Instagram at the latest trunk show styles, preparing to shop for your wedding dress can be one of the most exciting experiences. With that, naturally, you may be hesitant to shop in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t stress—we understand and are here to make your shopping experience with us as safe and fun as possible. In fact, many of our brides have loved their shopping experience more than ever! Why?  Learn more from our brides who wrote about their post-covid shopping experience on our Yelp and Facebook pages, below.

We’re always working to keep you safe.

Here at Kleinfeld, we work diligently to ensure the health and safety of you, your loved ones and our staff. This Kleinfeld bride felt just the same. “The COVID precautions Kleinfeld is taking made me feel very comfortable while shopping, including temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and identification checks by using Fully-Verified app prior to entering the salon,” she says. We’ve also overhauled our salon space to adhere to social distancing standards so that our brides are given the space they need. “Guests were brought to the shielded counter one at a time. The waiting area is configured to keep groups separate. All staff members had masks on and kept distance while speaking to one another. There are several shields around the mirrors to create some barriers from those walking around and shopping,” she says.

Including loved ones has never been easier.

While we must limit guests due to COVID capacity limitations (learn more about our requirements here), that doesn’t mean you can’t include your loved ones in on the fun virtually! With our complimentary WiFi and tablets available for your use, it’s never been easier to video call with your friends and family during your appointment so that they can be there with you during this once in a lifetime moment.  “My family was on FaceTime and my consultant was very patient with the process. She was able to understand what my family wanted me to wear and what I envisioned myself in. My consultant showed me over 10 dresses and eventually found a dress that embodied everyone’s opinion. My consultant was so helpful, I was absolutely confident in my decision to say yes to the dress with her. I had an amazingly comfortable experience. I’m so glad I made the drive over to Kleinfeld,” a happy bride explains.

We’re here to help.
We know that COVID has turned the wedding world upside down, forcing brides to postpone or cancel their weddings, opt for smaller and more intimate affairs, and delay their shopping for months, causing lots of stress. No matter your personal situation, we’re here to help make your shopping experience everything you hoped for. “July 7th was my appointment which was less than 3 months before my wedding and it was my first time trying on dresses,” explains one bride, who had to cancel her trip to Kleinfeld 4 times due to COVID. “I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. My consultant brought me my 1 favorite and something of her choice. I tried them both on, loved her choice (which was not what I came in for). She proceeded to bring me everything on my list and I hated everything! I tried on her pick for me again and I loved it, even more, the second time—and I said yes to the dress!” the bride explains. “I’m so so so glad I didn’t miss out on my Kleinfeld experience just because of COVID. I can’t wait to receive my dress in the mail, and can’t wait to say ‘yes!’ to my man in it in October,” she exclaims.
No matter what, the Kleinfeld experience and level of service remains the same.

For over 70 years, we have made it our mission to be the most trusted choice for a bride searching for her dream wedding dress, and what sets Kleinfeld apart from the rest is our service, unparalleled dedication, and care for our brides.  “Many of the employees were working with brides and had full smiles under masks. Every employee was extremely friendly,” explains one bride. “When the two dresses I had seen online and thought were my top contenders didn’t work out (I didn’t like them in person), my consultant brought back a variety of dresses, all that were more what I was looking for,” another bride explains. “She helped me decide between my last two and answered all of my mom’s and future mother-in-law’s questions over Zoom. She was a dream to work with!” No matter the circumstances, the Kleinfeld experience will always remain the same. We can’t wait for you to say ‘yes!’ with us!

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