Why Our Consultants Recommend Keeping Your Dress a Secret

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You may already be thinking about doing a first look with your soon-to-be spouse—but have you thought about whether or not you’ll show your wedding dress to your family and friends ahead of time? It’s easy to have a photo of your dress on your phone and show it to your friends who ask to see it, but here’s the scoop—our consultants think you should keep it a secret! Why? Find out, below.

It’ll keep your grand entrance spectacular.

“It’s truly an unforgettable moment when everyone gets to see you for the first time and there’s something exciting when you add that element of surprise,” says Kleinfeld consultant Kelsey. The fewer people you show your dress to, the more shocked and elated guests will be seeing you walk down the aisle—not to mention your future spouse, too. Pro tip: keep every photo of your dress in a secret folder on your phone to avoid any accidental mishaps!

Your appointment will feel more intimate and special.

Think about it—when you’re planning to keep your dress a secret, you’ll probably be shopping with only a few of your nearest and dearest. This means that your appointment will feel much more intimate! Think about how special and once-in-a-lifetime it will feel to share wedding dress shopping (and finding your dream dress) with just your mom, your sibling(s), or your best friend. It’ll be a special experience you’ll share for a lifetime.

Too many opinions can hinder your shopping experience.

While it may sound like so much fun to bring along a group of people to your Kleinfeld appointment, it can make it harder to not only make a decision, but it can hinder your overall shopping experience. “Your dress should feel personal to you. You are the one wearing the dress, and while it is helpful to have other opinions, at the end of the day you are the one who is going to be wearing it and seeing it in photos for years to come,” says Kleinfeld consultant Mindy.

At this time, due to COVID-19 concerns, we are adhering to a strict 2 person per bride policy at Kleinfeld.

You’ll maintain the vision you had in your head.

When you shop with a small group and keep your dress a secret to everyone else, you will maintain the vision you had in your head of your wedding day look, and avoid any drama and unwanted opinions. “Why open yourself (and your dress) up to unnecessary comments and critiques?” says Kleinfeld consultant Lisa. “You and your dress should be unveiled to everyone on the day of your wedding when it fits properly and you’re put together the way you want to be,” Lisa says. Think about how much more special it’ll feel to be in your perfectly altered wedding dress with your hair and makeup done and wearing any accessories you might have chosen—it’ll feel that much more worth it to keep your wedding dress a surprise on your wedding day.



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