Questions You Should Ask Your Consultant While Wedding Dress Shopping

Questions You Should Ask Your Consultant While Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for a wedding dress for the first time is the most memorable and indescribable feeling and experience. We get so many questions on our Instagram Facebook and Twitter from excited brides getting ready for their first appointment on how to tackle wedding dress shopping; so naturally, we hit the ground running and spoke to our expert team of bridal consultants to get their advice. While our appointment prep  tips will tell you what to bring and how to budget, we asked our consultants what they think the most important questions a bride should be asking them when they come to shop are. Keep these questions in mind for a seamless (and successful!) shopping experience. 

Ask about different silhouettes.

More often than not the first step to finding your dream dress is deciding on a silhouette. Your consultant can help with that!  “A great question to ask your bridal consultant would be, ‘what shape would you recommend for my body type’?”, says Kleinfeld consultant Debbie. Once you find your perfect shape, whether it’s an a-line, mermaid, fit and flare, ball gown or sheath, you can then work toward finding the dress with the perfect embellishments. “Once we start with the right silhouette, the bride will then personalize it with either lace, beads etc. I love to watch this all unfold until her dream becomes a reality!”, says Debbie.

Ask for a few dresses that are totally different.

If you are stuck deciding between styles, ask your consultant if there is a dress they feel would look amazing on you. “Sometimes you need a wild card to show you what you never knew you wanted” says consultant Mindy. You never know—you may have been deciding between a beaded a-line or a lace a-line, and end up falling in love with a sheath instead, per a suggestion from your consultant. 

Ask about alterations.

You may not be thinking as far ahead as altering your wedding dress, but it’s a very important topic to discuss with your consultant for multiple reasons. This is especially important for petite or busty brides, as there are certain aspects to keep in mind while shopping that will help simplify the alterations process and avoid customization fees later on.  If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, special alterations will be discussed with an alterations manager as well to ensure your dress fits your bump beautifully. Most importantly, every bride, no matter their circumstance, “…should make sure to ask how the dress will be hemmed and bustled, when the dress will arrive and when they will start alterations,” says consultant Kelsey.  


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