5 Consultant Tips If You Can’t Decide On A Wedding Dress 

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With countless designers to choose from, hundreds of fabrics and thousands of styles, there’s no doubt in our minds wedding dress shopping can feel pretty overwhelming! That’s why we’ve called in the experts and rounded up our consultants’ top tips for choosing a wedding dress if you still need help deciding. Check them out, below. 


Carefully select your entourage.

“Shopping by yourself can be a more effective and efficient way of making a decision,” says Kleinfeld consultant, Lisa. Though, if shopping alone isn’t for you, know that less is always more when it comes to picking your squad. Too many opinions at your appointment can make for a stressful and overwhelming shopping experience. The goal is to be shedding tears of joy when picking out your wedding dress, not tears of stress! Pick no more than the top 4 people in your life and bring them. And remember, your opinion is always the most important opinion!

Choose the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful.

You might have always imagined yourself walking down the aisle wearing a big princess ball gown, however, you just tried on this va-va-voom fit to flare dress and suddenly, you’re not sure what you want. Consultant Kelsey says, “I find that brides will get caught up in the smallest of details about the dress and forget the big picture. Sometimes it’s as simple as, ‘I feel the most beautiful in this dress.'” In the end, that’s the dress you’re going to have the best night wearing!

Go with the style that best reflects your personality.

3D florals and sparkles might have been top bridal fashion week trends, but if you’ve always been more of a modern minimalist bride, always stay true to yourself. This way, “you’re guaranteed to love it on the big day and in 30 years from now looking back on your wedding photos,” says senior bridal consultant Debbie.  

Step away and take some time to miss it.

Imagine that when you came back later the dress wasn’t available anymore–would you feel sorry you didn’t purchase it? If the answer is yes, there’s a strong chance you’ve found your dream dress. According to Kleinfeld consultant and Say Yes To The Dress star Lisa, “brides should take a step back from the dress if she’s not sure if it’s the one. Her gut will guide her to the right decision.” 

When in doubt, go with the fuller style.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to decide on a wedding dress, according to Kleinfeld consultant James. “If you’re stuck between two different silhouettes, I always recommend opting for the fuller style. You can wear a fitted gown on most occasions–but when else will you have the chance to wear a big, princess dress?” 

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