Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses Each Mean Girls Character Would Wear

Today marks 15 years since we were gifted with fictional gold that is the Mean Girls movie. In celebrating this October 3rd, AKA Annual Mean Girls Day, we’ve paired each female character with the wedding outfit we think she would wear. The limit does not exist to how much we love this *brand new* Pnina Tornai collection, and how much your favorite Mean Girls character would too. Check it out below!

Regina George: The Trend Setter

It’s only fitting that a Queen Bee wears a dress that reflects her trend-setter personality. This unique sheath dress is the perfect combination of sexy and flirty. So you agree? It’s like, really pretty.

Style 4806

Cady Heron: The Boho Bride

You’ll look like a regulation hottie in this style. Get ready to make your wedding guests turn their heads over and over again—grool? Grool.

Style 4809

Gretchen Weiners: The Classic Bride

After 15 years, Gretchen Weiners can rest assured we’ve decided to help her make fetch happen with this classic and timeless Pnina Tornai dress. Bonus: You can finally wear those white gold hoops. 

Style 4816

Karen Smith: The Free-Spirited Bride

It’s like we have ESPN or something because this dress has Karen Smith written all over it. Karen’s light-hearted personality matches perfectly with this airy and ethereal sheath wedding dress. 

Style 4814

Janis Ian: The Non-Traditional Bride

Get ready to soak up this dress’ awesomeness. Janis Ian has an eye for all things creative and airs on the side of non-traditional, making this style the *perfect* option.  

Style 4801

Mrs. George

It’s not a regular wedding dress, it’s a cool wedding dress. This long sleeve lace wedding dress is guaranteed to keep you feeling young all night long. 

Style 4809

Ms. Norbury: The Minimalist Bride

If you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the lack of comfort while wearing dresses, not to worry – this stretch satin is the perfect solution. 

Style 4789
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