What to Expect from the New Pnina Tornai 2020 Collection

With Pnina Tornai‘s 2020 Couture Collection runway show just a few days away (!) we’re busy here at Kleinfeld preparing for the exciting launch! While we can always expect Pnina to create stunning, hand-embroidered styles with fabrics sourced from all over the world, we still have one big burning question—what can we expect from this year’s collection? We spoke to the designer herself and she gave us a sneak peek! While we’ll have to wait for photos and videos, find out 5 details we can look forward to, below.

1. Long, puffy sleeves

While we did get a taste of balloon sleeves at last year’s runway show with this one style (#4721), Pnina promises more!

2. Dimensional flowers

We love Pnina’s take on three dimensional flowers—trailing down trains and speckled over bodices always looks stunning. We’re hoping that this year, we see more flowers in a variety of sizes and shapes, like style 4726.

3. Structured bows

How sweet and romantic are structured bows? We can’t wait to see more details like this in the newest collection. We got a preview last year with style 4715T, but we’re hoping for plenty more!

4. Embroidered laces

How stunning is style 4724, covered in embroidered netted lattice lace? We’re excited to see plenty of gowns with embroidered laces this year.

5. Bling, always bling!

Pnina’s signature has always been crystals, sequins, and beads—anything to make her dresses (and her brides) stand out! How can Pnina top her past looks, like style 4734? We’ll have to just wait and see!


Can’t wait for the runway show? Tune in on Thursday, October 3rd at 6:00pm on Facebook and Instagram!
Want to see these dresses in person? Make an appointment for the November Pnina Tornai Trunk Show!

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