6 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Consultants

They’re not just from New York.

While a majority of our consultants are from New York City (many of them hailing from Brooklyn—where Kleinfeld used to be located!), plenty of them come from all over the country! Many of our consultants also speak multiple languages—Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and more.

You’ll never believe the amount of experience they have.

We pride ourselves on the level of expertise our staff has. In fact, some of our consultants have been here 20 and 30 years! That’s a lot of brides (and a lot of gorgeous wedding dresses).

Many consultants start out as interns.

Each semester, we hire a select team of valued consultant interns who assist our bridal consultants during their appointments. These interns help select dresses for brides, dress the brides to show their families, and more. Believe it or not, some of these interns do end up staying on as consultants—and some of them end up on the show!

Just a few of them are cast members.

While TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress focuses on a select few consultants as they tend to their brides each day, the majority of our consultants are not seen on camera. In fact, we have a team of about 30 consultants that work at Kleinfeld each day—each one of them helping brides find their dream wedding dress.

They said ‘Yes!’ too.

As you could imagine, how could work at Kleinfeld and not say ‘Yes!’ to a wedding dress here? That’s right, a handful of consultants have been Kleinfeld brides themselves.

Religious weddings are our specialty.

If you’re looking for a modest wedding dress for a religious wedding ceremony, look no further! A few select consultants specialize in religious bridal gowns. If you’d like to make an appointment, call us at 646-633-4300.

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