This is What Your Most Used Emoji Says About Your Wedding Dress Style 

This is What Your Most Used Emoji Says About Your Wedding Dress Style 

Despite the fact that we have access to over 2,500 emojis, most people stick to the same ones on a daily basis. After all, how else would we hype up our friend’s latest IG post without our beloved 🔥 emoji? That’s why a person’s most used emoji can reveal a lot about who they are as a bride! Scroll down to your favorite emoticon to discover what your go-to emoji revels about your wedding dress style.

Girl Shrugging 🤷

Girls who choose to use the 🤷emoji are brides who go with the flow! She’s easy, breezy and beautiful, and her style is likely to be just as effortless as she is! 🤷 user, meet this ethereal Anna Campbell wedding gown.

Heart Eyes 😍


Brides who use 😍 are devout romantics. She’s spent her whole life dreaming of her own fairytale wedding, carefully curating the ceremony with inspiration from every wedding movie ever made. She’s likely to find herself teary eyed when trying on this new, dreamy Reem Acra gown.

Flames 🔥

🔥 ladies like it HOT HOT HOT! This bride is fearless, confident and knows exactly what she wants. She’ll want to look and feel sexy on her wedding day, which is why she’ll gravitate towards a style that shows off her curves (and some skin)! This body-hugging wedding dress by Maison Signore would definitely be a strong contender.

Woman Dancing 💃

The 💃 queen bride is most likely to start a cake fight at her own wedding. She’s the bride who’s most excited about dancing the night away with her spouse, friends & family—so practicality is a must. As a lover of all things whirly and twirly, she’ll probably find herself swooning over a big, bouncy Hayley Paige ball gown. Style ELKE’s detachable overskirt allows her the comfort she’ll need when hitting the dance floor. 

Sparkles ✨

Glitter is the ✨bride’s favorite color. Her first love was her engagement ring, but now she’s about to fall in love all over again. ✨ bride, meet the Queen of Bling, Pnina Tornai, and one of her dazzling designs.

Monkey Face 🙈

This is how the 🙈 user wants all her guests to look until the day of her wedding! She wants every detail of her wedding to remain a secret, *especially* the dress. Since there will be so much build up for her guests, the dress must have a WOW factor. Say something like this Zuhair Murad ball gown. 

Women with Party Ears 👯

The 👯 bride is most likely to be BFFS with the easy-going 🤷‍♀️ user! She always has to have her bestie by her side, so her wedding dress shopping appointment is no exception! After saying yes to her Tony Ward dress, you’ll catch this bride and her MOH paying a visit to our Kleinfeld Bridal Party boutique for a bridesmaid dress that perfectly complements the brides!


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