Pnina Tornai Dresses For All Personalities

Pnina Tornai Dresses For All Personalities

So you want to be a #PninaBride (who doesn’t, let’s be honest) but you’re a little concerned you might not find the perfect dress for your special day. Don’t worry—Pnina Tornai, Kleinfeld’s #1 exclusive bridal designer, has plenty of options for every personality! Check them out, below.

The Romantic Bride

Being a romantic bride, your heart has been melting with joy since the day you laid eyes on your now fiancé. For the big day, you want to look stunning for them! So take their breath away in one of these two Pnina dresses. These two gowns will softly ignite the “wow” reaction you are looking for!


Pnina Tornai Style 4560


Pnina Tornai Style 4664

The Traditional Bride

Just like the women before you, this big day means a great deal for you and your family. You aspire to keep long lasting culture and heritage in the “I do” while also showcasing your beauty in a modern way! Here are two dresses that will do just that. These stunning lace dresses are elegant and timeless.


Pnina Tornai Style 4663 


Pnina Tornai Style 4559

The Glamorous Bride

Va-va-voom is your middle name! You wedding day is your day to shine and pull out all the stops. Thankfully for you, Pnina is a master of glitz and glam. These two dresses will make your guests turn their heads and make their mouths drop!


Pnina Tornai Style 4653 



Pnina Tornai Style 4576

The Modest Bride

As Coco Chanel once said, “modesty is the highest elegance.” These two dresses highlight you as the bride and your beauty in a charming and demure way.


Pnina Tornai Style 4646


Pnina Tornai Style 4648

The Sexy Bride

Show off what your mama gave ya! Being the sexy bride you are, you are not willing to hold back on your wedding day. These two Pnina dresses are perfect for highlighting your best assets while also keeping one very important element in mind—being a bride!


Pnina Tornai Style 4510n


Pnina Tornai 4516

The Boho Bride

Your wedding day is the day to show off your style. You’ve been artsy, trendy, easy and breezy your whole life—why stop now? These two dresses offer a laid back elegance to keep you comfortable and free-spirited all night long!


Pnina Tornai Style 4658


Pnina Tornai Style 4610

The Showstopper Bride

Turn up the volume! Your strong sense of style means you are not afraid to push the envelope and go big! Pnina certainly delivers with these two dresses. Larger than life skirts, lots of bling, couture elements, and a tad bit of ooh la la… see you later plain white ball gown, you have arrived!


Pnina Tornai Style 4659


Pnina Tornai Style 4660


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