What it Feels Like Shopping for Your Wedding Dress (in GIFs)

While you can look at dresses all day long, watch the show every week (now airing!) and dream about the big wedding dress shopping day, there’s still one question that you just can’t answer—what does it actually feel like to shop for your wedding dress? Well, after countless hours of working with brides, talking with consultants and trying on wedding dresses ourselves, we’ve got the scoop—and these GIFs sum it up.

When you figure out what day it is:

When you want to glam up for your appointment but go a little overboard out of excitement:

When you get the squad together for the big appointment and walk in owning the place:

When you meet your consultant and realize what’s about to happen is real:

When you slip on your Kleinfeld silk robe and feel like a queen:

When your consultant brings in a few great options, and a few not-so-great ones:

When you’re ready to show your family your first dress:

When your squad agrees it’s the perfect dress and you’re like “I haven’t even showed you my favorite one yet”:

When you try on a dress you thought looked gorgeous on the hanger but just doesn’t look right in real life:

When your mom starts sobbing because she thinks you found the perfect dress (but you don’t agree):

When you put on the dress you thought wouldn’t work but end up falling in love:

When your mom is still crying and then you start crying:

When you say “Yes!” and it’s as magical as you imagined:


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