2017 Holiday Window Reveal!

Kleinfeld Holiday Window 2017

There’s a chill in the air, the sun is setting earlier and winter is almost here—and that means it’s time to unveil Kleinfeld’s 2017 Holiday Windows! We sat down with Creative Director Jacques Vigneault to learn all about his vision behind this year’s windows. Plus, get a glimpse at the Kleinfeld permanent installation at the WindowsWear Museum, below.


Tell us about the theme and the story behind the windows.

The theme of the the windows is a new journey together as newlyweds with travels, adventures, discoveries and the unknown.


What’s happening in the left window? What’s happening in the right window?

In the left window, the bride is waiting for her luggage at the airport baggage claim playfully bringing along her groom.  In the right window, there is an airport scanner machine that x-rays all of the traveler’s belongings much like a bride under scrutiny.

Kleinfeld 2017 Holiday Window 1

Kleinfeld Holiday Window 2

Describe the use of color in the windows—what do they mean?

The colors used in the window are red and black from the traditional buffalo plaid pattern, and white to add festive holiday appeal and contrast between the bride’s luggage and other passengers’ luggage.  She is in her own magical world bringing along her groom. The x-ray screen has illustrations in blue representing the traditional color of Hanukkah.


What designers are featured in the windows?

The dress is by Pnina Tornai.  The shoes are Badgley Mischka. Jewelry is by Thomas Knoell Design, and the headpiece is by Maria Elena.


How long did the windows take to create, and how long will they be up for?

From the time the beginning concept was realized to installation of the windows, it took about 1 month and they will remain until the beginning of January.

Do you love viewing Kleinfeld’s Holiday Windows and wish they were around all year? Well, now they are! Jacques and his team revealed a permanent installation at the Windows Wear Museum at Berkeley College as an extension to this year’s holiday window—check out it below.

Windows Wear Museum 1

Windows Wear Museum 2


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