7 Items Every Bride Should Have In Their Wedding Day Clutch

On your wedding day, it’s essential to keep a few key items tucked away in your bridal clutch. These items can be used in case of minor emergency (we hope there isn’t one!) or simply to keep your bridal look on lock from the moment you walk down the aisle, to your reception exit. So here are 7 chic clutches at Kleinfeld and the 7 essentials that go inside!

1. Lipstick 

Most likely you’ll be reapplying lipstick throughout your entire wedding day. Having your favorite lipstick on hand (especially if it’s in this chic butterfly clutch by Judith Leiber) will keep your lips perfect, no matter how many times you kiss your new spouse!

2. Blotting papers

Instead of powder or concealer that could end up on your dress, blotting papers make it easy to attack the shine, without ruining your makeup. Whether your wedding is in the summer, fall, spring, or even winter — having blotting papers on hand will help with any mid-day shine. Bonus! This clutch by Lea Black will discreetly hide them.

3. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are a necessity for when your hair does something you don’t want it to do. No matter the hairstyle you choose for your wedding day, bobby pins can fix (almost) anything! Store them in this stylish clutch by Lea Black. 

4. Small/roll-on perfume

A little perfume goes a long way, especially on a long (wedding) day. Store a bit of perfume in this Crystal Crown clutch by Judith Leiber. You’ll not only smell great but look like royalty!

5. Tissues

Weddings are basically full of happy tears. Keep tissues tucked in this elephant clutch by Judith Leiber to wipe away any eye makeup that goes astray.

6. Fashion tape

Always carry fashion tape. Especially for your bridesmaids. You never know when they may need it! This LOVE clutch by Judith Leiber is the perfect size to carry some fashion tape!

7. Mints
Between kissing your love and processing down the receiving line, having fresh breath is essential. These Judith Leiber Macaron Pillboxes could easily store some mints!

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