Kleinfeld Bridal’s 2016 Holiday Windows

Jacques Vigneault, Kleinfeld Bridal’s Creative Director & his team have created the most beautiful 2016 holiday windows for Kleinfeld Bridal! These windows are a destination fro tourists & native New Yorkers alike. We recently caught up with Jacques and had the opportunity to talk to him and hear his inspiration behind these gorgeous windows!

1. Tell Us About the theme, “The Passage of Time” 

I used an elevator as a symbol for a transitions. The elevators are stuck between the 24th & 25th floors, which represents the December 24th and Christmas Day.

In both windows I wanted to illustrate the two different worlds, upstairs and downstairs and how they interchange when you adjust your focus. Outside of the elevators shows a festive atmosphere, however inside the elevators the scenes are quite intense.

 2. Describe What’s Happening in the Right Window Display 

The right window shows an elevator that’s passing the 24th floor, to represent Hanukkah this year. There is a fiddler on the roof, some empty Chinese food containers and a little guy reading some fortune cookies. In New York it’s very common for the Jewish population to eat Chinese take out on Christmas Day since most restaurants are closed on the holiday.

3. What’s happening in the left window? 
The display in the left window has the elevator just passing the 25th floor or Christmas Day. The little guy underneath the elevator is celebrating at work and feasting on the left overs from the hotel service tray.  In this scene the woman is the aggressor and she’s in charge. I believe this is a preview of the year to come.
4. What designer is featured in the windows?

Pnina Tornai’s dresses are featured in the windows and Jimmy Choo shoes — they all represent opulence and glitz. The men are wearing tuxedos designed by Frank Jedda.

5. How long did the windows take to create? How long will the windows be up for? 
The conceptualization took 2 months and the actual creation took 3 weeks. They will be up until January 9th!
Enjoy a few more details!
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