5 Rules for Bridesmaids From Pnina Tornai

Since Pnina Tornai has worked with and dressed thousands of brides, who better to ask for wedding dress shopping advice? Except this time, we wanted Pnina’s advice for the bridesmaids when accompanying the bride on her wedding dress shopping adventure! Here are 5 rules for bridesmaids!

Photo: Graham Terhune Photography

Photo: Graham Terhune Photography

Pnina Rule #1) Know the Bride! 

Pnina Tornai suggests that you take into consideration the brides’s personality and be sensitive to her feelings. Pnina adds “If the style of the gown isn’t your favorite, make sure to be supportive!” Or on the other hand, if the bride appreciates your honesty, “state your opinion in a kind and honest way.”

Pnina Rule #2) Bring Backup! 

Remember the bride may be nervous on the morning-of her appointment. Make sure that she has everything with her, from the directions to the store, to inspiration photos and even the correct undergarments. Pnina Tornai recommends bringing, “extras of these things if you’re able to or help the bride go through a checklist of necessities before arriving.”

Pnina Rule #3) Give Your Full Attention to the Bride

While dress appointments can often be long, do give your full attention to the bride. That means no wandering around the salon looking at dresses while your friend is in a dress on a pedestal! We agree with Pnina Tornai when she adds, “No Instagram and Snapchat until after the appointment! They’ll still be there afterwards.”

Pnina Rule #4) NO Photos Of The Bride’s Appointment on Social Media

You don’t want to ruin her special moment, do you?

Pnina Rule #5) Have Fun With It? 

Of course, wedding dress shopping should always be fun, even if you aren’t the one trying on the gowns. According to Pnina Tornai, “Often brides can be nervous, so make sure to keep the mood light and positive.” One more important word-of-advice from our own Queen of Bling, “If you don’t get along with one of the other bridesmaids — keep it cordial.” The day of bridal appointments is eventful enough — it’s not the time for unnecessary drama!

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