Mother-of-the-Bride Dress Shopping Tips From Mark Zunino

Kleinfeld exclusive designer Mark Zunino is known for his form-fitting dresses that hug a body in all the *right* spots. Not only do brides chose his wedding dresses — but celebrities like Sophia Vergara and Britney Spears are also big fans of his haute couture! Since Mark makes women of all ages feel & look like stars, he shared with us his 5 tips for mother-of-the-brides everywhere. Remember as the MOB, you’re second-in-line for all eyes being on you!

1) You CAN’T upstage the bride!

The number one comment regarding MOBs that Mark Zunino hears is, “I don’t want to upstage the bride!” However, according to Mark this is impossible as, “It’s the brides day and NOTHING will take away from her moment!”

2) Select a color that you normally wear

According to Mark, mother-of-the-brides should “Chose a style and color that speaks to who you are. Don’t chose a color that you wouldn’t normally wear.” Remember that using an entire color from head-to-toe is different than using a color from a 4×4 inch swatch. Mark says the MOB will, “feel and look the best in a color that isn’t foreign to her existing wardrobe.”

3) Don’t venture outside of comfort zones 

If formal dressing isn’t in the mother-of-the-bride’s forte, she can vouch for a short cocktail dress or pants (such as a beaded pant, a palazzo pant or cigarette legged pant in a tuxedo cut) Mark Zunino adds that this look is still appropriate in today’s word and can “give a more progressive and modern edge” to a MOB’s look!

4) Absolutely NO shoe changes

The more comfortable you are — the more relaxed you’ll be, even if this means vouching for a low kitten heel or skinny heeled wedge. This means NO shoe changes as “the hem of the gown will be sweeping up against the floor all night.” Remember Mark says, “The elegant look you START the evening with, should also be the look you END the evening with!”

5) Be beautiful, confident, relaxed and poised! 

Remember that the MOB helps set the tone for the wedding day. It’s important to be confident and poised throughout the day. Remember to, “fully enjoy one of the largest parties you’ll ever help throw!”

Don’t forget to tune in to the Mark Zunino fashion show live on Facebook on October 6th at 11am!

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