How to Accessorize Like A Princess

In honor of National Princess Week (April 24th-April 30th), we are celebrating in a major way. We are treating ourselves to some princess-worthy pampering, and what better way to do that than to bling-out our favorite outfits with big, beautiful accessories. Lucky for us, the Kleinfeld salon is fully stocked with chandelier earrings, shimmering stilettos and bedazzled bouquets. Out of all of the icing in Kleinfeld’s accessory department, nothing says royalty like a crystal-studded headpiece. Veils, crowns, combs and more: let’s talk tiaras!

Ariel Taub Kleinfeld Bridal

A birdcage veil by Ariel Taub

Blossom Veils Kleinfeld Bridal

A pearl comb by Blossom Veils

Camilla Christine Kleinfeld Bridal

A gold ivy-inspired headband by Camilla Christine

Cheryl King Couture Kleinfeld Bridal

A lace-trimmed veil with rose detailing by Cheryl King Couture

Enchanted Atelier Kleinfeld Bridal

A jewel-encrusted headband with floral details by Enchanted Atelier

Erica Koesler Headpieces & Accessories Kleinfeld Bridal

A crystal floral headband by Erica Koesler Accessories

Hushed-Commotions Kleinfeld Bridal

A delicate ivy headband by Hushed Commotions

Jennifer-Behr Kleinfeld Bridal

A gold Grecian-inspired headpiece by Jennifer Behr

Lindsay-Marie-Design Kleinfeld Bridal

A pink and silver floral headband by Lindsay Marie Design

Maria-Elena-Headpieces-and-Accessories Kleinfeld Bridal

A gold floral crown by Maria Elena Headpieces

Renee-Pawele Kleinfeld Bridal

Bedazzled gypsy-inspired headpiece by Renee Pawele

Celebrate National Princess Week with us! Come channel your royal inspiration (Cinderella, Diana, & Kate Middleton, alike), and browse the Kleinfeld Accessory Department!

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