5 Invitations to Match Your Color Palette

There are several questions that always tend to come along after you announce your engagement: “How did he propose?”, “Where will you have the wedding?”, “Have you picked your invitations yet?” ,”What’s your color palette?” And, whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were 8 years old or you’ve never really given it much thought, you are now faced with all of these decisions. Some of those questions are impossible to answer right off the bat, but some of them are really fun to play around with! The invitations and the color palette are two of the first fun choices you’ll make. In fact, the invitations are a great way to impress your guests with a little sneak-peak of the colors at your wedding. If you’re thinking classic black and white, try a small pop of gold to jazz it up. Maybe you’ve always loved the color purple, a light shade of lavender could do the trick! Here are a few of our favorite palettes.

1. Cream, Blush & RedKleinfeld Bridalkleinfeld paper


2. White, Gold & Navykleinfeld bridalkleinfeld paper


3. Olive, Silver & Peach

kleinfeld bridal

Kleinfeld Bridal

4. Green, Lavender & Off-White

Kleinfeld BridalKleinfeld Paper


5. Pink, White & Black

Black Pink Color Palette

Kleinfeld Bridal

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