Which Wedding Dress Would Your Favorite TV Character Wear?

Let’s talk TV couples. There are so many classics: pairs we love, pairs we hate, and the undeniable pairs that we love to hate. It is inevitable that we would imagine ourselves in their shoes. Like Ross & Rachel or Carrie & Mr. Big, we picture ourselves finding the loves of our lives, destined to be together forever, and walking happily off into the sunset. *Swoon* Yes, please.

Well, let’s just imagine this: our favorite TV characters vow their undying love, and walk directly over to Kleinfeld… we want to know which dresses they would wear from our collection! Here’s what we think:

1. Ross & Rachel

Ross & Rachel FRIENDS

Ross & Rachel, Friends

Kenneth Pool Kleinfeld Bridal

A beaded fit-and-flare by Kenneth Pool

2. Lucy & Ricky

Lucy & Ricky

Lucy & Ricky, I Love Lucy

Eugenia Couture Kleinfeld Bridal

A lace halter A-line by Eugenia Couture

3. Carrie & Mr. Big

Carrie & Mr. Big Sex in the City

Carrie & Mr. Big, Sex in the City

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal

A lace and tulle ball gown by Pnina Tornai

4. Sam & Diane

Sam & Diane Cheers

Sam & Diane, Cheers

Dennis Basso Kleinfeld Bridal

A chantilly lace A-line by Dennis Basso

5. Luke & Lorelai

Luke & Lorelai

Luke & Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

Romona Keveza Kleinfeld Bridal

A simple satin A-line by Romona Keveza

6. Jim & Pam

Jim & Pam The Office

Jim & Pam, The Office

Sareh Nouri Kleinfeld Bridal

An off-the-shoulder lace fit-and-flare by Sareh Nouri

7. Cory & Topanga

Cory & Topanga Boy Meets World

Cory & Topanga, Boy Meets World

Watters Kleinfeld Bridal

An embroidered strapless A-line by Watters

8. Zack & Kelly

Zack & kelly Saved by the Bell

Zack & Kelly, Saved by the Bell

Hayley Paige Kleinfeld Bridal

An embroidered chiffon A-line by Hayley Paige

9. Chuck & Blair

Chuck & Blair Gossip Girl

Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

Maison-Signore Kleinfeld Bridal

A lace fit-and-flare by Maison Signore

10. Andy & April


Andy & April, Parks & Recreation

Gemy Maalouf Kleinfeld Bridal

A lace and tulle A-line by Gemy Maalouf

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