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We were so lucky to have Pnina Tornai in our salon for a recent Trunk Show! We were able to steal her away for the bridal floor for a few minutes to ask her some questions. She gave us an insider look into her new collection, the importance of shoes, her inspiration and her status as “the designer who created the modern wedding dress.” 

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To many, you’re known as the designer who created “the modern wedding dress.”  Where did you come up with the inspiration for this new movement in bridal fashion?
This style of dress came to me in a dream when I first realized that I was meant to design wedding gowns. I vividly saw dresses falling from the sky in my dream, and I saw the beautiful bead work and the corset bodices and recognized that this was something special that nobody had done before. It has evolved into my signature style, and I love to see how the brides react when they see how amazing their bodies look when they try on my dresses.

And, now so many brides are curious to see themselves in your new ‘Wind Upon Water’ bridal collection. Tell us about it!
I named my 2016 Collection “Wind Upon Water” because I was inspired during my trip to Thailand, where the sun hits the ocean in the most beautiful way, creating a brilliant shimmer that would look amazing on a bridal gown. I was also inspired by how the wind creates movement and carves out the mountains.To translate these concepts to my designs, I chose to embroider my dresses with transparent beading and crystal to recreate that subtle shimmer and combined it with beautiful tulle skirts and chiffon to recreate the wispy, organic movement of the wind.

Naturally, that inspiration helped to develop the dramatic, over-the-top bridal look that you are known for. Lots of people think that you have to be a specific kind of bride to wear your dramatic gowns. What do you think?
I believe that this new collection truly has something for every bride, from trendy fringe skirts for the fashion forward bride, full ballgowns for the princess bride, and low backs and plunging necklines for my brides that want to feel like sexy screen sirens on their wedding day. The love I put into this collection is the love I want all of my brides to feel as they walk down the aisle. Where there is water, there is life, and where there is life, there is love. These are some of my favorites from the new collection!

MermaidPnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal
Ball Gown

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld BRidal


Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal
Sheer Bodice

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal

Big bling, see-through bodices, curve-hugging shapes–obviously, it’s become a huge hit with thousands of brides. But, we want to know why you love your signature modern, sexy style.
I love this style because I believe that a woman’s figure is the most beautiful form of art in this world! We are all originals and deserve to celebrate our own unique bodies. So often women have doubts about their bodies, and I love to bring out their inner confidence on the most important day of their lives. 

And now, we hear, they can wear stunning bridal stilettos by Pnina Tornai to match!
Absolutely! I was so excited to announce this new line of shoes, and now my brides can feel sexy from head to toe. They are actually professional ballroom dancing shoes equipped with comfort cushions that allow the bride to not only have a beautiful Swarovski embellished heel, but also dance all night comfortably! 

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal

Thank you, Pnina! 

For ever more information on Pnina, her new website has it all! Click here to check it out. 

Don’t miss Pnina’s next Trunk Show! Click here to see when she will be in the Kleinfeld salon.

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