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Mark Zunino Sweetheart Sheath Gown in Silk Chiffon

This sheath gown features a sweetheart neckline with an asymmetric waist in silk chiffon. It has a sweep train. This gown is Exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal.
Style #
$$$ ($5001-$8000)
Rose Considine
i think the fur is detachable because in the second picture its showing the fur dropped down the models arm
Kristin Johnson
Get rid of the fur and I love the color combination
Tamara Alexander
анастc семенc
Color is gorgeous.But this fur...Like why???This doesn't go well with this gorgeous dress
Can color be changed
I think this dress is perfect for a mature woman which is perfect for myself
Cat Grecly
Looks like the 30's exploded
Jacquilin Dewolf
Glam AF!
Abby Provost
It's cool but it also looks like she got stabbed idk. I would still wear it.
Diane Galante
Zsa Zsa...
love it different just like me
Anasofia Villanueva
Does it come in any other colors besides pink?
Marika Perna
this has to be mine!!!
Marika Perna
questo e' mio!!!!!!
i love this gown. I am 53 in good shape. Getting married for the second time. I am not looking for a white.
Brandei Davis
this gown is beautiful!
Deborah Dirk-halley
Someone could use this as a sleep attire.
Amanda Soares
nao gente quem casa com esse merece um osca
Jessiac Dunn
Yes! , I love color. I want it.
Yes! Yes!
Jeniffa Ameerali
very sexy elegant and beautiful but looks like a night gown
Pookie Math
I don't normally like the flowing chiffon look but this dress is absolutely gorgeous the pop of color just really brings it to life
Andrea Leatherwood
Absolutely beautiful.... Feels like Spring time. Refreshing!!!
not a wedding dress
Luisa Gillies
I just hope that isn't real fir...
Donna Okonski-tuft
So, we will be heading to Kleinfelds to help Jessica pick a dress. OMG, I can't decide.....I like 'em all! However, I'm thinking Mark Zunino is one of my fav designers so far! We will see....So excited! I'm saying yes to his dresses!
Adriana Ruiz Ordonez
I want it
Lucy Turchin
Ahh Carey
I like the idea and perhaps all one color but it reminds me of a horror film...
Ashleigh Applewhaite
This is gorgeous. I would never wear it for a wedding, but it is stunning!!
Natalie Rubio
I think I'm in love.
Bella Audrey
So hot
so french coutour
Patricia Singleton
I love this dress...color this dress....I say yessssss its,spectacular!
Nokuthula Mkhize