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Dennis Basso High Neck Ball Gown in Tulle

This ball gown features an high neck neckline with a basque waist in tulle and beaded embroidery. It has a sweep train and long sleeves. This gown is available in Plus Sizes, and is Exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal.
Style #
$$ ($3001 - $5000)
Chelsye Moore
This is my dream gown!
Gloriana Mendez
Wow! So loving this gown..
Natasha Constantine
Candace Butler
Love. Love. Love.
Leilani Williams
I love this one.mits perfect for a winter or spring wedding
Patricia Turner
absolutely beautiful for a winter wedding
Cost too much
Bethany Murdaugh
Purchased this dress at the sample sale. The actual dress has a lining.
Victoria Dawodu
Gorgeous! Price a little too high.
Brittney Sharpley
Absolutely Stunning!!!?? sweet meets sexy...
I love this dress! Its my dream come true
Becky Page
come on can always put in an insert! geez!
Deborah Dirk-halley
Love the top, too plain for the bottom.
Beautiful, but really? Figures a man would design it. Line it for a bit of class, eh?
Wow, I was looking for a modest dress. Definitely not appropriate for anybody getting married in front of God.
Summer Reeves
I would put a liner in for a bit more modesty- otherwise, this is my DREAM dress!
Vintage Princess
I just died, and this dress brought me back to life!
This dress is beautiful and elegant soft andsexy what your man would want. Not stuff like a southern bell. Up to the neck this dress was made for me deval
Cymone Sammons
Literally her nipples would show had it not been for the lace covering them. Not for a wedding.
Brittany Smith
I love the top part. Im not really into the bottom.
I really like the dress, you just have to have self Confidents to ware that dress
Makenzie Marseglia
Beside the skirt, the sleeves are the only part I like. The actual bodice looks very skimpy to me.
I love the top of this dress. I would figure out a way to cover some of the top
It might have long sleeves but I wouldn't be comfortable wearing that in church with the top showing so much
Pretty Black Skin
I love the top part of this dress
Makenzie Marseglia
I think this is stunning, but I wouldn't dare wear this!
I love it accept for the fact that the top is too revealing.
Laís Silva
Eu idealizei tanto o vestido que eu quero casar, e quando olhei pra esse quase não acreditei!
Beautiful, but inappropriate without a lining
Saida Barnes
I love the way it falls and the top is interesting
Peggy Larocco Zmudzinski
For you Laura!
Joyce Wagner
Definitely, the bust area needs to be lined somehow. I'm sure it could be done subtlely, without taking away from the delicate bodice.
Lauren M.
They weren't trying to be modest...the stark contrast is intentional. When you have a dress with long sleeves, a full skirt, and a high neck, you have to throw in some sexy element so you don't look frumpy. But yeah, I think at least the bust area could be lined with nude fabric, then problem solved! Otherwise you could never use this dress for a church wedding.
Patti Rorick
Seriously missed on trying to be modest with the high neck when the lace is see-through.
WOW THIS IS WHAT I HAD IN MY HEAD BUT SLEEVLESS I cant believe a designer actually got it
Barbara Burns Brunelle
i'm sure they can sew in some sort of elegant lining on the top. too scary to wear otherwise.
I think this is beautiful with a white silk tank top or some type of tank bodysuit underneath Gorge. Obviously we will not be married long giving everyone a peep show, lol.
This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! It's perfect. The top is revealing, but tasteful, and the bottom isn't form fitting at all so the contrast is sensational. I must get married in this gown!
Amber Quesenberry
nothing like showing off your boobs.
Kerray-ann Boca-glasgow
Beautiful top but don't like the transition between the top and bottom half.
I like this dress, but the skirt should be smaller, it would make the dress more shapely.
the most perfect dress for a winter-wonderland wedding
Beverley Europa
love it --skirt a bit to full though
Kionna W
love the top
too much!
This is astonishing... Love it! ❤
Brittney Sharpley
Beautiful! but i would wear a custom bustier underneath...
Bethany Murdaugh
I love this dress, but I too would like a covering in front.
Krystyna Piotrowski
Pretty but too revealing
Maha Imran
i think it's perfect but i want something to cover the front
Delina James
Paula Montanez
Pretty but too revealing
so do you wear a bra?
Love this-- except her breasts are fully exposed!
Keshia Merritt
Love it!
love the top hate the bottom
Candace Layers
very nice
Jessica Espinal
beautiful i want to know the price of this one =)
It only it was capped sleeves and long sleeves! It looks more like a t-shirt but beautiful
Lisa Trompke
Makes me think of winter and snowflakes and sparkles! Very pretty!
Fran Demario
So pretty
This is a great gown but the front should have more coverage. leave the back as is. Dress is very sexy.
Nerline Alexandre
My dream come true!
Sarah Gazzato
it's fantastic ❤ ❤ ❤
Kirsten May
Love this dress!... It's sexy, but still classy and elegant
Zinet Mawahib
THIS IS A MUST HAVE im in loveeee
Torre Jai Claxton
Great for inspiration.