Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
April 10, 2011
New York, New York
Kleinfeld Fitter
Randy Fenoli!
Kleinfeld Consultant
I dont remember her name, but she was wonderful!
Who did you bring?

My mother
My Experience

It was a scorching day in July, and my mother and I were among the swarms of brides and their enotourages standing in line for the semi-annual blow-out sale. Once we entered, our fitter, whose name I cannot remember, got to work immediately in helping me find a dress. I tried on several different dresses and was beginning to lose hope when I hadn't yet found what I was looking for. Then, as I tried on the last dress- an Ulla Maija~Anna Maier Couture Gown, with beautiful draping accentuating the luxurious duchess satin fabric, we instantly knew tha this was THE dress. As I was modeling the dress in front of one of the outside mirrors, Randy Fenoli came over, commented on the beautiful diamond white color and made a few adjustments as to how he thought the dress should be tailored to fit my figure. Once we packed up the dress and headed out, my consultant asked if I was happy with the dress. When I responded that I was, she gave me a big hug and wished me luck. This was a truly fund and memorable experience that I will always treasure...and I am now proud to call myself a "Kleinfeld Bride."