Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
October 6, 2012
Berryville, VA
Gown Designer
Pnina Tornai
Kleinfeld Fitter
Kleinfeld Consultant
Who did you bring?

My girlfriends Natasha & Natara....Jennifer via webcam
My Experience

I walked into Kleinfeld and was greeted by Jacqueline who was instantly fabulous! She asked what I wanted and when I told her I did not know she HARDLY fell for that! Next thing you know she brought out the most PERFECT Pnina Tornai dress! I was ready to say yes but had only one problem. My matron of honor and best friend was unable to be with me as her 1year old was in the hospital being treated for leukemia. I just couldn't do it without her. Before I knew it the fabulous Terry Hall had hooked up a web cam so Jennifer could be with me. I said "yes to the dress" The people at Kleinfeld Bridal are just amazing. Stella did my fitting and was a class act and so fun to play with! Everyone knows Kleinfeld has beautiful dresses but the experience was truly amazing and unforgettable! I would travel from across the world for the experience again!