Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
July 14, 2012
Charlotte, NC
Gown Designer
Eve Of Milady
Kleinfeld Consultant
Judy K.
Who did you bring?

My mother, mother in law, 2 sisters in law and 2 nieces. My grandmother was watching via webcam as well.
My Experience

I wanted to go to Kleinfeld for the experience. My mother and I flew up and met my soon to be mother in law, soon to be sisters in law and soon to be nieces. I had my heart set up a Maggie Sottero gown and knew that was what I was going to get. I had to try on a Pnina Tornai first, of course, but I wasn't big on the hula hoop bottom. The second dress I tried on I was skeptical about at first because it wasn't white. It was more of an off white/cream color. But when I put it on it was absolutely gorgeous and was the perfect color for my hair and skin tone. I didn't want to take it off! However, I knew I loved the Maggie gowns online and I thought, "This gown is gorgeous, but no...it's not a Maggie..." I tried on about 6 or 7 other dresses, including a couple of Maggie Sottero gowns....they just didn't compare. I had to put the 2nd one back on. It was a gorgeous Amalia Carrara gown that fit almost perfect and was breathtaking! That was it. I was hooked! I couldn't stop looking it the mirror and had to call my grandmother who was home in NC watching on the webcam. She used to own a bridal shop and I knew she would tell me exactly what she thought. Mimi's reaction was just like mine. "Oh my God, it's gorgeous!" I set a budget for myself and threw it right out the window because I had to have this gown. When I came back for my fitting the size I ordered fit perfectly and I didn't need any alterations! Can you believe that?! This dress was meant to be. All we needed was a french bustle. I found the perfect jewelry to go with it and the rest is history. Thank you so much Kleinfeld for giving me the dress of my dreams!