Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
May 12, 2012
Columbus, OH
Gown Designer
Alita Graham
Who did you bring?

Mother, Father, Stepmother, Fiance, Fiance's parents
My Experience

We had the best experience at Kleinfeld! I had always dreamt of going to Kleinfeld's and so when the time came to go dress shopping, I made all the arrangements to go to New York with my family. My fiancé decided he wanted to get his tuxedo at the men's department, and they were so accommodating scheduling us at the same time so we didn't have to make separate trips. Because we had simultaneous appointments, both his parents and mine were able to take part in the appointments and it became this very joyous occasion we all shared (though my fiancé and I did not see each other while there!). We flew back closer to the wedding to have his tuxedo fitted and both of us were more than thrilled with how everything turned out, thanks to Kleinfeld!