Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
April 29, 2012
Shrewsbury, NJ
Gown Designer
Sophia Moncelli
Who did you bring?

Father, mother, aunt
My Experience

We booked our wedding 6 months from the day we got engaged, Kleinfeld made my dress experience happy again. My Obachan (Japanese for grandmother) had just retired from working full time 3 weeks after our engagement. She had handmade my mothers gown from scratch and I always dreamed of her making mine, which was our plan! My sister and I had surprised my Obachan to a trip to Disney World, and upon arrival home it was dress go-time! Three days after we arrived back home, my Obachan was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening infection. This resulted in surgery, with an extensive in house rehab in a local facility. I was devastated because the wedding was 5 months away and she was a key component to my bridal attire. I decided to go to Kleinfeld, and I'm so glad I did! Being my Obachan couldn't make the trip into NY for my appointment either, I was so glad that the Kleinfeld team were experts! Their expertise helped me and I felt great at my wedding in my Sophia Moncelli gown! Thanks!