Kleinfeld Love

Wedding Date
December 14, 2013
Rosemary Beach, FL
Gown Designer
Who did you bring?

Mother and 2 sisters
My Experience

This is from the bride's mother, so I can't remember name of consultant, except to say she was a mind reader. Ashley works for Yahoo in Chelsea, now she is in Los Angeles with them, so we were so lucky to be able to go to Kleinfelds. The consultant heard Ash say she might want a fit and flare. Thank goodness our consultant brought in the most beautiful dresses, not really fit and flares. We all chose the Lazaro, and my other daughter had a Zazaro 9 years earlier and the most beautiful Lazaro veil. That day at Kleinfelds, since our family lives in Florida and we were all able to come to NY and be a part of this selection, was the beginning of the wedding, and I cant say enough about how wonderful everyone made us feel and how wonderful even the alterations were in helping her down to invent a new way of tying the ribbon around her waist. So needless to say we have a wonderful photographer for this Rosemary Beach FL. destination wedding and these pics were so special I thought I would send to you all the way from Florida. I hope you can see how happy she is and a lot of that goes to having the right gown. Thank you, Shirley Hablitzel