Kleinfeld Team Q&A

Mara Urshel
Co-Owner of Kleinfeld
Q: What should a bride look for in a bridal shop? (store set-up, lighting, etc.)
A: Brides should look for a reputable bridal shop which offers a large selection of gowns, complete services such as alterations and one stop shopping-- for veils, shoes, and accessories. You may also want to ask friends for recommendations.
Q: What are the pros and cons of buying in a bridal shop vs. having a gown made or buying online?
A: Knowledgeable staff and bridal consultant to guide you and answer all your questions. It is important to purchase from a salon that has great customer service and quality control.
Q: What store policies are important? (payment plans, fittings, etc.)
A: "By appointment only" to ensure you will get all the time and attention you need. 60% deposit to order - do not pay in full until your gown arrives at the store. Read the contract carefully and be aware of cancellation policy.
Q: What gown shape/style would you recommend for each of these body types, and why?
A: Petite - Sheath, A-line, Strapless, Empire Waist. It's best to keep it simple and avoid big ball gowns that might look like they're wearing you!

Tall - Sheath or A-lines with a fitted bodice, halter or open neckline to accentuate your collarbone.

Pear-shaped - Strapless a-line, strapless ball gown to accentuate your top half and cover your bottom half

Hourglass - depending if you want to hide your curves or accentuate them. Fitted bodice w/ a-line or full skirt.

Full-figured - A-line, ball gown with v-neckline and/or basque waist for slimming effect.

Thin - Sheath, mermaid, slim a-line

Broad-shouldered - Expose your shoulders with halter or off the shoulder neckline with narrow bodice
Q: What are the latest trends in bridal fashion?
A: 1) Dropped waist
2) Empire waist
3) Light fabrics (taffeta, tulle)
4) Corsets
5) Sweetheart neckline
6) Draping/ruched fabric
7) Mermaid/trumpet silhouette
Q: 1. What gown shades (eggshell, ivory, cream, etc.) look best on pink (light), yellow (light), olive (medium), and dark skin tones?
A: Yellow - Diamond White
Olive - Diamond White, Ivory
Dark - Diamond White/Ivory(However this also depends on hair color)

Keasha Rigsby
Bridal Consultant
Q: How should a bride calculate her dress budget? (Ex. Percent of wedding cost. How much or what % for accessories, alterations, undergarments, etc.?)
A: Normally 12-15% of the wedding budget should be budgeted for the wedding gown.
Q: How can a bride on a budget save money on a gown?
A: Sample Sales and trunk show promotions/discounts.
Q: How can a bride make an off-the-rack gown unique?
A: Additional trims, beading and accessories such as a special heirloom veil can make an off-the-rack sample gown unique.
Q: Who was the most outrageous customer you've ever had?
A: The Reverend?

Audrey Pisani
Bridal Consultant
Q: What information should a bride be prepared to share with a consultant when shopping for a gown?
A: Location of wedding, theme of wedding, vision for her wedding, gown budget, color and fabric preferences. Bring photos of gowns you like from magazines, websites etc.
Q: When is the best time to go?
A: Must order 6-9 months ahead of wedding. Shopping during the week is usually preferred since weekends are often very busy.
Q: Who was the most outrageous customer you've ever had?
A: I had a bride come back to try on bridal gowns 14 times and she called me 2x a week for 2 years. She came to browse every weekend during trunk shows. She always came alone or with her mother. She loved a Kleinfeld Exclusive designer from Italy, Amelia Casablanca. She also started calling the designer in Italy requesting more and more big ball gown dresses and even considered flying to Italy. One of the last times she came shopping, she brought her mother and father. Her father got so fed up in the fitting room that he threw the credit card at her and said, "get what you want." When she came back the 14th time, she still could not decide and said she changed the wedding date a few times. A year later I saw her in a local store and she ignored me and told me she did not remember me.
Q: Are there certain fabrics, gown features, and styles that are typically considered traditional wedding, destination wedding, contemporary wedding?
A: Traditional:A-line, lace, silk satin
Destination:Sheath/soft body, silk chiffon, organza
Contemporary:Mermaid/trumpet, taffeta, charmeuse

Camille Coffey
Bridal Consultant
Q: How do brides respond if you tell them that the gown style they had their heart set on is not the most flattering for them?
A: I may ask her to try on a style I think would be more flattering on here and let her see the difference.
Q: Who was the most outrageous customer you've ever had?
A: My most outrageous bride was a bride who came with her mother and grandmother to buy a dress. Grandma was paying for the wedding and the dress. She envisioned her granddaughter as a traditional old world bride. When the bride got undressed and started to try on gowns, her grandmother was not prepared to see the 2" high tattoo that read, "I love Anthony." The bride was not marrying a guy named Anthony!! Grandma started screaming and left the store saying she would not pay for the wedding! The appointment ended abruptly but the bride and her mom came back a week later and purchased the gown.

Sarah Valasquez
Bridal Consultant
Q: How does a bride choose tasteful accessories?
A: Our Accessory consultants and fashion director will guide them thru their selection.
Q: What are the rules for picking shoes to go with a gown? (height, color, etc.)
A: The most important factor is comfort!
Q: Who was the most outrageous customer you've ever had?
A: A Nigerian Princess.

Nitsa Glezelis
Director of Alterations
Q: What physical considerations should brides keep in mind, in terms of their weight, etc.?
A: If you intend to lose weight before the wedding, set realistic goals and organize a healthy diet plan combining diet and exercise.
Q: How many times will a bride have to return to a boutique for fittings, etc.?
A: Depending how much work needs to be done, at least 2-4 fittings.
Q: What are the rules for picking undergarments for the gown?
A: The style of your gown will dictate the appropriate undergarment. Your fitter will also suggest the best undergarment for your needs.