"Luxury and romance abound among the splendor of Europe’s castles, charming historic cities and villages, exquisite cuisine and fascinating local traditions."

  • Letting time stand still, escaping to be pampered in a place where the blue of the Aegean and the cobalt sky merge seamlessly into infinity, that’s a luxury not everyone gets to experience… At the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, we bring you an oasis of serenity, kissed by the pure sea and caressed by the gentle breeze, where you can luxuriate in the world renowned Six Senses Spa, lose yourself in daydreams on the private beach, or discover 3,000 years of history that feels like yesterday.
  • Don’t ask why, just ask when… And discover the luxury of making time stand still. You take one last look in the full-length mirror of your elegantly decorated Honeymoon Suite. The pure, amethyst blue view of Barbaros Bay from your private terrace is the backdrop for your reflection and makes it only the more beautiful…
  • You are almost carried away by the excitement of the moment, but your thoughts go back to the morning’s soothingly spiritual couple’s massage at the Six Senses Spa.