“Find romance again. A spa and resort with a beach backdrop in Florida?  The elegant suites of the luxury hotels in New York?  Perhaps you desire a visit out west or a southern vacation…”

  • Off the beaten path. Down the road less traveled. When it comes to Colorado vacations, the choice makes all the difference, and Capella Telluride takes you to a unique place untouched by overdevelopment. Telluride is isolated at the base of a box canyon, where a glorious wall of mountains frames the town.
  • Whichever direction you look, an unmatched, unparalleled view awaits. Whether it is the crisp clean air of winter snow, the warm sunshine and green hills of spring and summer, or the blaze of colorful fall foliage that attracts you to Telluride, we are your four season destination for luxury, service and adventure in Mountain Village, Colorado. It's an oasis that's miles away from pretention, in a locale that can only be described as heavenly.