"Celebrate an Anniversary of a lifetime or plan a romantic getaway in Africa! You’ll be amazed at the scenery, the traditions and the warm-heartedness of Africa."

  • Find your journey in infinite savannas and shifting deserts, in gorges and valleys choked with wildebeest and zebra, in crashing coastline and vineyards that were good enough for Napoleon.
  • In Jordan, it’s the soaring mountains, colourful souks, the Roman ruins and vast expanses of desert. In South Africa, its coastal roads seemingly made for cycling, world-class wines, two nights at a secluded Relais & Châteaux property and enough stirring landscapes to fill several photo albums.
  • Check out trips to Namibia, Morocco, Oman and more! For the celebrating couple: complimentary massage & champagne, or a complimentary night-before hotel room.