Our Top 12 Big Screen Brides!

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December 20, 2013



Curl up with your favorite big screen brides this holiday season! Invite the girls over and say yes to a marathon of white. The characters from these classic wedding rom coms have become an inspiration for brides everywhere. These leading ladies in white have set the bar high in bridal fashion. With a little help from them, you will be the star of your big day!


We are counting down our top 12 favorite big screen brides!

If you've always loved their aisle style, don't worry we have modern versions of these classic looks for you to try on at Kleinfeld. Make your appointment for the new year now!



12.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding




11. Monster-in-Law




10. Sweet Home Alabama




9. My Best Friend's Wedding




8. Big Wedding




 7. 27 Dresses




6. Twilight: Breaking Dawn




5. Runaway Bride




4. Father of the Bride




3. Bride Wars






2. Sex and the City




1. Cinderella




We want to know your favorites! Leave your comments below. 


Happy Holidays!








- Lindsey Groginski 


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