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Posted By Guest Blogger:Kleinfeld Unveiled
November 20, 2012


It is the largest sample sale selection of the year and hundreds of designer gowns are waiting to be selected for amazingly discounted prices! This week, even more gowns have been included in the sale and marked down to the lowest prices ever in the history of Kleinfeld sample sales. Starting at a specialty price of $499, here is an exclusive sneak peek at a selection of gowns available November 27th at the Kleinfeld Blowout Sample Sale, a benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims. Get in line early for a chance to snag yourself the perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding gown for your special day. Doors open at 3 PM sharp. See you all there!


Terry Hall's Shopping Tips


1.       Please know time is of the essence with the Blow Out Sale and it’s first come, first serve!

2.       Please WEAR appropriate and comfortable undergarments to try with the gowns (we will not have access to try-on undergarments)

3.       Ladies, you will be sharing a room with another bride to ensure each bride gets one-on-one attention with a Bridal Consultant so don’t be shy!

4.       We will only have access to the sale stock and not the regular inventory.  Come with an open mind and try to have an idea of what silhouette and fabric you prefer, as well as second and third choices too!  Remember, you are shopping for a deal of a lifetime!

5.       Please know you will only be able to bring three gowns at a time in the room with you so that you and your “bridal roommate” will have room!

6.       We kindly ask that you bring no more than 1-2 guests with you.  This will make it easier for YOU to shop.  We get very crowded!

7.       It’s a great idea to bring any crucial accessories with you that you may want to complement your dress…i.e., shoes, a family veil to match, etc.

8.       Headpieces and Accessories are part of the sale too!  Perhaps you already have a dress and just want to shop for an accessories bargin…no problem!

9.       Please dress accordingly for the weather…our Blow Out Sale tends to be rather popular and we try to get everyone in as quickly as possible, but please know we can not exceed maximum capacity in the lobby nor the building overall!

10.   Lastly, the sale is “Cash and Carry” meaning it is a final sale and you will leave with your dress, however, you can still pay with credit cards as well! (Please know you will being paying for your discounted dress in full)


Henry Roth
Was $1,900
Now $1,124


Henry Roth
Was $2,300
Now $1,199


Henry Roth
Was $2,000
Now $1,276


Claire Pettibone
Was $2,100
Now $1,276


Matthew Christopher
Was $3,100
Now $1,874


Monique Lhuillier
Was $4,000
Now $2,474


Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld
Was $4,700
Now $2,849


Sophia Moncelli for Kleinfeld
Was $5,400
Now $3,299


Claire Pettibone
Was $1,900
Now $999


Claire Pettibone
Was $6,700
Now $1,599


Judd Waddell
Was $4,600
Now $1,599


Judd Waddell
Was $3,100
Now $999


Maggie Sottero
Was $1,450
Now $499


Maggie Sottero
Was $1,150
Now $499


Maggie Sottero
Was $1,080
Now $499


*Gowns listed above include the original price and the final sale price at checkout


November 20, 2012
1:46 PM
RiaJoe said:

I love the Maggie Sottero gowns. I wonder if the shop in Boston, I found the gown, will be visiting the blowout sale to purchase many of these gowns, I liked that show, but personally, Id still prefer the retail cost as your store, I just feel as though Im getting what Im paying for. I never was one to shop in stores that carry designer/brand names at 1/4 of the original price, I did visit Marshalls or TJ Max once, with my OCD I couldnt handle it. But for those who can, good for them. I love Kleinfelds, and I am one for top customer service.

January 30, 2013
8:18 AM
Nervous Nellie said:

Good morning. I am planning on traveling from Boston and I unfortunately have to come alone, so I am inquiring about the numbers that are given out. What time will that happen and is there a chance to take a break from the line once we have our numbers before we go in to the store to shop? How many people do you generally expect? I think I am more nervous about the line than the shopping frenzy:) thank you in advance for your time.

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