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Posted By Guest Blogger:Henry Roth, Exclusive Designer for Kleinfeld
June 14, 2011



‘Urban Chic Roth Bride Takes Manhattan a Photoshoot Novella in 10 parts’



Kate Middleton refocussed the bridal agenda away from overcomplicated, overcrowded styling and inspired billions to go with striking, classic sophisticated simplicity.  Most brides Michelle and I interact with talk in detail about the feeling, the mood and the spirit of the reception and so many plan part of their celebration to be an outdoor experience as well. 

After many years of advising brides to keep it fresh and different and to reflect on their own feelings we re-read some of those principles, packed up an RV with our styling and design team to shoot this 10 part novella ‘Roth Bride takes Manhattan’. 








Ina Diana
























Tips and Trends

· Accent your gown with one piece of jewellery or accessory that makes a statement.  Knowing when to stop has become the new mantra of  2011.  The unconventional contrast between the femininity of your gown and the vivid texture of your reception or outdoor ceremony location should be embraced and worked keeping in mind the entire background is your canvas. 


· Regardless of the look you are going for hair looks gorgeous when it is gently tousled, slightly skew and has a sophisticated confidence that is not overcurled, overworked or overteased.  2011 is all about being over being over done.


· Makeup quite frankly can make or break or the look.  Make sure that you use every single saved up penny from your budget to make sure that your makeup looks really natural.  Truly this can only be achieved by a professional.


We chose a very understated smokey eye.... jerseylicious smoked eyes are so the direction NOT to go... with a lip that is either completely nude or a matte cherry stained lip.

· After Kate Middleton threw down the gauntlet with the most delicate bridal bouquet the inspiration is do something unexpected and different.  Quite frankly over rambunctious bridal bouquets are not only awkward to carry but can be too much of a good thing.  Different, unexpected and something that you love is what it’s all about.


All gowns in the Roth Takes Manhattan shoot are now exclusively available at Kleinfeld.  The next Henry Roth and Michelle Roth Trunk Shows are scheduled for: Tuesday July 12 and Thursday July 14. Both days from Noon - 8pm. 

Please click our appointments link for one on one appointments on those days.


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Looking forward to greeting you ourselves.


Michelle Roth & Henry Roth






September 19, 2011
4:05 PM
Grace said:

What a beautiful collection. My fav is Kara!

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