Royal Wedding Week: Randy's Pick for Kate's Dress

Posted By:Randy Fenoli
January 19, 2011

Kate & William

The reality is that Kate Middleton will most likely have her gown custom made.  Kate is gorgeous, model height, has great fashion sense, and has been listed on everyone’s best dressed list. With the pressure of doing such a high profile wedding, most designers would want to design something so dramatic and over-the-top, and so special that it would only result in too much ornamentation and take away from her own natural beauty.  In my opinion, the way to make a big statement is to go understated.


I think a gown similar to this Amsale would fit perfectly for Kate because it’s timeless, classic, and very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly (two of the ultimate fashion icons).  My favorite element is the fabric: Silk Taffeta, just like Princess Diana’s and a perfect way for this modern princess to add a touch of nostalgia for the late Princess Di’s royal wedding gown.

Princess Diana

Now, let’s take this beautiful gown and make it fit for a princess!

First, being a royal wedding with a typical long aisle, I would extend the train to make the gown grander, but make it detachable so she can glide around her reception with ease.


Second, I would replace the broach with a borrowed family heirloom to make it more special, perhaps even something with sapphires or blue stones to act as her something blue and borrowed!


Third, for a veil, I suggest going simple because she’s going to have a tiara or crown—she’s marrying a prince after all, I’m sure there’s a diamond tiara she can borrow from someone in that family!  And as a side note for all of you non-royal brides, tiaras are definitely coming back into vogue (see Nicole Vega’s latest blog)!

Finally, it is likely that Princess Kate will need to cover up a bit for the ceremony.  In the case of this gown, I think building-up the top of the gown to cover her shoulders and arms would only take away from the very element that makes this gown so stunning: its simplicity.  Instead, I would recommend a removable shrug to be worn at the ceremony, but able to be taken off for the reception.  A ¾ sleeve lace peek-a-boo would be spectacular!

The real point here is that the dress should not overpower her beauty.  That is a rule I recommend to all brides: you are beautiful, so make sure you’re wearing the dress and not the other way around!

*This Amsale dress, along with other Say Yes to the Dress cast members' picks for Kate's dress will be on display at an event here at Kleinfeld tonight.  Check back for coverage of the event and to see the other cast members' picks!

Amsale Trunk Show at Kleinfeld: March 18th - 20th.


January 19, 2011
9:35 PM
Marie A said:

Beautiful, yes, but I think that compared to Di's gown, its too simple. Although you're right that her gown should not overpower her beauty, she is a princess and I think that dress belongs at a vineyard, not at Westminster Abbey. I think that this PNINA TORNAI Style No: 32023061 gives a little more sparkle, that will compliment her tiara, while still staying fairly simple, however some type of sleeves would obviously need to be added. Also, this DAVID FIELDEN Style No: 31972094 is a little more covered, and with a few jewels on the lace, it could be almost perfect for the almost queen. Of course there are others that would be perfect for Kate Middleton in Kleinfled's sea of gowns, but these are a few of my picks for the prince's bride.

January 21, 2011
7:15 PM
dcmcqueen said:

Elegant and fashion forward. Looks like the gown for future Queen. With all the jewelry she's going to be wearing, I think it's great. Diana's dress looked amazing, but she also looks like she was drowning in it. I think Kate could go for something more modern, being the latest Royal. Nice pick, Randy!

January 24, 2011
8:03 PM
Anna said:

That gown is gorgeous, and the silhouette on her would be perfect! But for the princess bride-to-be, not enough. Though the additions would add a lot, we must remember her wedding (and dress) will always and forever be compared to Diana's. The PNINA TORNAI Style No: 32023061 is gorgeous and has a lot more to it. Obviously she would still have to add a little shrug and maybe train (etc.). Ultimately she will look fantastic in whatever she wears!

January 26, 2011
1:30 AM
AnneLori said:

Hi Randy: I love the dress that you have chosen for Our Next Queen, You are my most favorite Bridal Consultant as well as the dress that you pick on the Show you go to. You help everyone at the store and, you are a sharp dresser. I never miss a single show. Congrat on all of your gowns, I hope to have the honor of meeting you when my girlfriend decids when her date is for our flight out. Hope to See You soon. AnneLori

January 26, 2011
1:58 AM
Cheeky said:

How daring of you Randy to go with taffeta...I would of thought satin but I cannot disagree with you! Taffetta completes a classic, elegant timeless line of the dress that is befitting to memory of her beloved late mother in law, Diana. Sometimes, less really is more, understated shows true beauty in a classic wedding dress. I believe you chose a dress she would truly look like a princess in!

January 26, 2011
2:33 AM
Lis Fies said:

Okay, how excited am I that Randy has a blog? Completely geeking out right now... Randy you are wonderful. New eps of Say Yes always brighten my day. Love how you empower women and help them find what is unique to express about themselves!

January 26, 2011
10:05 AM
Jaymie said:

That is similar to the style of dress I would pick for myself. It is fitting for a princess, but it's also fitting for anyone who wants to achieve a simple elegance.

January 26, 2011
10:59 AM
Brony AW said:

That dress is beautiful, but i don't think it suits her. It's too simple and normal for her. I think that the PNINA TORNAI Style No: 31574544 is a better fit for her. It's beautiful, elegant and a little different.

January 26, 2011
11:13 AM
Cinny said:

I agree with Randy in keeping it more simple with personal heirloom touches...I don't know anyone who liked Diana's dress, except Diana. But I also do think a bit of "sparkle" in maybe an overlay to the skirt or in the veil would reflect the light beautifully. Keep her contemporary like she is don't wear her down with dowdy English tradition.

January 26, 2011
1:37 PM
hmg said:

where would you get the shrug to where over her dress during the ceremony? Who makes it and where can I find one like the one you described for Kate?

January 26, 2011
4:56 PM
lisa said:

Too plain for a royal wedding.I've seen alot of beautiful gowns out there&this one isn't one of even looks awful on the model.something about the top of the bodice to the chin is missing.maybe if it wasn't so sure beautiful jewelry will be apart of her day so she'll need to have those in place before her gown is designed.too much over the top is gaudy.on the other hand,look at Sarah fergusons gown(duchess of york.married to price andrew at one time).her dress was perfect(other than that huge fluffy flower head dress.that should of been alittle less full).she was also married at westminister.then look at sophie,countess of essex.she was married at windser castle to prince edward.her dress was so plain that the crowds were was the fashion Kates job is to find something between plain jane&gaudy sure she'll be beautiful reguardless.

January 26, 2011
10:38 PM
LavenderButterfly said:

I must agree with Randy on his style choice for the new princess. Before reading the complete article I'd already begun to imagine the accessories. In fact, blue stones or sapphires would be perfect! I've chosen the sapphires for mine. I'm very glad that Randy choose the 3/4 sleeve lace peek- a- boo; as royalty, and more than likely Catholic, modesty is the flirtatious device of simplicity.

January 27, 2011
2:13 AM
Lorena C said:

Ah Randy you are so right...wish i could have you as my advisor :)

January 27, 2011
10:30 AM
bmeagn said:

Say "YES TO THE DRESS" Kate!!!!!!! Right on again Randy!!!!!

January 27, 2011
3:11 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing said:

I love that dress! Great Post Randy!!!

January 27, 2011
4:43 PM
Karrie & Joan said:

I don't know - I usually agree with Randy as his taste is impeccable, but we see her more in a beautiful fitted gown more like a mermaid style. The silk taffeta would be nice, but wouldn't lace be more gorgeous? Either way, we all know she will wear a superb dress as she already is a beautiful princess...

February 01, 2011
9:23 PM
Marie A said:

Anna: I picked the exact same Pnina for the same reasons as you! Brony AW: I adore the dress you picked, but I have to agree with Randy that it should be a little on the simple side, while that one is ornate beauty. Karrie & Joan: I agree, I think lace would be nice. Like I said in my first post, this DAVID FIELDEN Style No: 31972094 adds some beautiful lace.

February 02, 2011
8:58 PM
Marie A said:

Theres a beautiful Angel Rivera that would be perfect! It has lace, beading and soooo much more!

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