Royal Wedding Week: Every Princess Needs a Tiara

Posted By:Nicole Vega
January 17, 2011

In light of this year’s royal engagement, I think it would be suitable to show off our best princess style tiaras.  At the October bridal market in NY, I was happy to see the return of the princess bride, including many stunning tiaras.

I consider a tiara or crown any style headpiece that either has a peak or sits up across the hair.  The piece doesn’t have to be large, but definitely has to be noticeable.

Here are a few of my favorite styles:

I’ll start with the largest, the Carmen tiara from Debra Moreland-Paris.

Debra Moreland-Paris

This tiara is an open vine design with crystal leaf embellishments.  It has a 3” peak in the center and is 10” wide.  This piece is very light in weight and comfortable to wear.  It’s the perfect tiara for the bride who wants to look like a princess on her wedding day! 

This Pnina Tornai tiara is very unique.

Pnina Tornai

It’s a true fairytale princess tiara with its mixture of swarovski flowers and a swarovski butterfly.  This piece would be perfect for a garden-themed or spring wedding.  It can only be found at Kleinfeld!

This Christina Garcia piece is my favorite tiara!  It’s a sterling silver filigree style with crystal and pearl accents.  Much smaller then the previous tiaras, it measures 1 ¼” in the center, but is still very regal and elegant.  It’s a great tiara for the petite bride.

Christina Garcia

Another tiara suitable for a petite bride is this Erin Cole chunky swarovski crystal piece.  It measures 1” in height in the center.  Although this piece is small, it is extremely sparkly because it is made up of over 200 different size crystals!  If you’re wearing you’re hair down, this is the perfect tiara; it is one of the few tiaras that I’ve found works with a down-do.

Erin Cole

Do you think Princess Kate will wear a tiara?  I hope so!


January 21, 2011
10:02 AM
Marie A said:

I think Princess Kate will wear a tiara! She is going to be a princess isn't she? However, I'm almost certain borrow something from the queen's collection. I adore the Erin Cole-I think its beautiful but does draw too much attention.

January 21, 2011
10:05 AM
Marie A said:

I think Princess Kate will wear a tiara! She is going to be a princess, isn't she? However, I'm almost certain she will borrow something from the queen's collection. I adore the Erin Cole-I think its beautiful but doesn't draw too much attention and would look beautiful with dresses that have no beading, a little beading, or even a ton of beading if you want to be blinged-out!

January 21, 2011
7:21 PM
dcmcqueen said:

Oh that first one. I would totally wear that. But might actually go with something smaller on the actual day. I love tiaras though. A little one would be elegant.

January 29, 2011
12:22 PM
tayfranklynn said:

I saw a show about all of the Royal weddings, and I think Fergie did it right. Since she wasnt of royal decent, she entered the church with a floral headpiece with a removal blusher that she took off after the marriage and exited the church with a beautiful tiara. It was exquisite and I think the most appropriate way for her to become that Princess we all see her as.

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