Best of Kleinfeld 2010 Video Countdown: Pnina’s Finale Piece

Posted By Guest Blogger:Marisa DiSpirito
December 30, 2010

Only a few more days of 2010 and what a great year it was! We could think of no better way to close this year and ring in the New Year than to recap all of the great things that happened here at Kleinfeld. From now until 2011, there will be a daily video message from different Kleinfeld staffers, each sharing their favorite thing about 2010!

For Day 9 of the Best of Kleinfeld 2010 Video Countdown, here is Pnina Tornai Specialist, Marisa:

Click here to view photos of Pnina's Finale Piece from her runway show and get more information about this dress.

Browse Pnina Tornai Gowns.

*Make your appointment for the Pnina Tornai Trunk Show January 20th – 30th in 2011! Click Here

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Join in on the countdown: We would love to hear from our 2010 Kleinfeld brides, grooms, and fans about their favorite 2010 moments. Tell us about your experiences here at Kleinfeld this year, share pictures of how gorgeous you looked on your big day, or maybe you’d like to share your favorite Say YES to the Dress moment in 2010. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it: comment on the blog or post on our Facebook Page.

And of course, remember to check back here tomorrow as the countdown continues!


December 30, 2010
4:05 PM
Mary Ellen said:

I used to work as a consultant. When I was invited to be a Bridal Consultant I immediately tuned into the station that carries, "Say Yes To The Dress". I found your staff and guests, really informative and encouraging. So Thank you for all your help and insight during that time in my life. I no longer am in that field but I regard those experiences as a privelge, as I do watching each of you do your job at Klienfeld! You're the standard in my book! Smiles, Mary Ellen

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