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Posted By:Nicole Vega
October 14, 2010
Finally the return of necklaces! The bridal trend for so many years has been large chandelier earrings and a clean neckline. Even at Kleinfeld, our selection of necklaces was almost non existent…until recently. The end of this year's fitting season launched a new and unexpected trend of chunky statement necklaces. From a faux vintage diamond necklace to layers of pearls, there's a necklace for every dress and every bride.

If you're dress is strapless and more simple, a necklace like this Haute Bride piece would look perfect. It's a combination of pearl and swarovski crystal and mixture of different shaped filigree flowers.

Another option for a simple gown is this Maria Elena cabochon pearl V-shaped necklace with a ribbon tie back. This necklace would work well with a plunging or sweetheart neckline.

If your look is softer and more romantic, choose a fabric necklace such as this Meg Jewelry piece. This piece has 3 hand sewn silk flowers with crystal and pearl centers. It would look great with an organza or chiffon dress and especially for a spring garden or beach wedding. Although it is large in size it very light and comfortable to wear. The best part? The piece can also be worn as a headband!

A huge trend in necklaces is layers and layers of pearls or strands of crystals. This Erin Cole piece can work with many different style dresses and necklines. This would be a great piece to put on for the reception.

For those of you who don’t like pearl, this Ti Adoro crystal necklace is a great pick. It is smaller in size but still has enough sparkle and presence. It is made of large chunky swarovski crystals.

As always, remember proportions are more important then fashion. If you’re petite, a very large necklace may be overwhelming. Also, wear only one statement piece and ask to try on necklaces when you purchase your gown. Avoid a large necklace if you’re wearing a large tiara or headband. Try different pieces to see what looks and works best. If you’d like to come to Kleinfeld to see our selection of necklaces, please call us at (646)633-4300.

October 15, 2010
12:23 PM
Dan-NY said:

Necklaces are definitly making a strong comeback in the bridal scene. Simple, thin pieces are more commonly used and to see big, stylish pieces like those are exciting. My personal favorite is the Maria Elena pearl V-shape necklace. The sweetheart neckline is the perfect suggestion, especially how symetrical it will appear to the eyes and on that day all eyes will be on her. My least favorite is the Ti Adoro crystal necklace. It sppears to serious and not as fun as the other pieces. I picture the old woman who survived the Titanic tossing this one into the ocean also. Not for a sentimental symbolic reference, but just because even for her that look is too old. Nice blogging:)

November 04, 2010
1:30 PM
mbb262 said:

Love the necklaces

November 22, 2010
5:51 PM
MEG Jewelry said:

We are so happy that you featured us! Since we just had a birthday, we are celebrating by having a MEG Jewelry Giveaway. Leave a comment on our post and be entered in to win.

November 22, 2010
5:53 PM
MEG Jewelry said:

We are so happy that you featured us! Since we just had a birthday, we are celebrating by having a MEG Jewelry Giveaway. Leave a comment on our post and be entered in to win.

January 20, 2011
9:53 PM
Marie A said:

I love all the necklaces, but you have to be careful that you don't overpower the dress! I say they are an amazing compliment for simpler gowns but flashy dresses don't need them.

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