Alternatives to Strapless Gowns!

Posted By:Mara Urshel
August 14, 2010
Our Facebook friends are very important to us and we want you to know that we are listening! We love hearing what you all have to say and getting to know our brides and fans as best we can. One of our Facebook friends recently asked a great question:

Kathryn A. Chipperfield Tired of only seeing strapless gowns. I know there are many designers with beautiful cap sleeves / strappy styles. Why don't we ever see them?
Saturday at 12:31pm

Kathryn, you are absolutely correct! Let's check out the different options for an alternative to strapless necklines...


Here is an example of a gown with sleeves from the BRAND NEW collection of Alita Graham for Kleinfeld Kollection (the 18 stunning new dresses just came in and they are incredible...but more on that later this week from Dorothy!). !). I chose this dress because often times, brides associate sleeves as being only for a conservative or modest bride. While this dress certainly works for that bride, the beautiful illusion neckline and sleeves covered in intricate beadwork make this dress look soft, elegant, and romantic on any bride!


This is for all the skeptics that think sleeves and straps are old fashioned. This Claire Pettibone is not a traditional cap sleeve gown that would usually cover the full shoulder. This is a fresh new spin, the fashion forward cap sleeve for the fashionable, chic, and unique bride. If you’re look for a dress that's modern and timeless with an interesting twist, this is how it's done!


The sexy bride may not first think of sleeves or straps, but as this Lazaro proves, you don’t need to go strapless to be sexy! In fact, the straps here allow the neckline to be a deep scoop neck and add support, so the bodice has that beautiful slim fit to show off your curves.


How sweet a spaghetti strap can be! As you can see in comparison with the other examples, different types of straps can have different effects depending on the gown, silhouette, fabrics, etc. The straps on this Henry Roth gown add a delicate, sweet, and romantic flair. The dress itself is timeless and could easily be just as beautiful if it were strapless, but the thinness of the straps add a sweetness that is just so irresistible!


Notice how beautifully the Silk Charmeuse on this Elizabeth Fillmore sheath gown drapes over the bodice and falls gently to the ground, leaving a flowy sweep train trailing behind. This is a wonderful example of how straps can be vital to the overall design of the dress. This style was created to drape with an almost fluid like effect, creating an effortless and wistful appearance. The halter here, aside from adding glam with its gorgeous embellishment, supports the material allowing the gown to achieve the intended appearance.


Asymmetric necklines are extremely popular right now. For the bride that likes strapless gowns, but really wants an interesting spin, the asymmetric neckline is the perfect solution! I chose this particular Pnina Tornai gown because it is a ball gown, and a very popular style. Tons of brides come to us wanting to look like the princess bride with the traditional ball gown, usually with a strapless or sweetheart strapless neckline. What many of them find, however, is that while they want the image of a traditional bride, they also want to look unique and modern. This gown offers all of that!

So there you have it, several alternatives to strapless necklines! I hope this information was helpful and educating. To our Facebook friends: we're listening, so keep talking and let us know what you want to hear about!

August 16, 2010
6:49 PM
janel said:

Looking for an elegant short white suit for a second marriage. Who makes them?

August 18, 2010
8:25 AM
mstrix29 said:

Thank you! I am SO tired of seeing strapless.

August 18, 2010
5:41 PM
psychdrlauren said:

I feel the same way - there is nothing out there but strapless,strapless, strapless! It is refreshing that I am not alone!

August 21, 2010
1:45 AM
poodlemomma said:

As the main question post asked, what ever happened to covering up in church?? I was raised to believe that a "LADY" covers her arms up. What do the designers do for those of us that ABSOLUTELY want a sleeve? I mean even a cover jacket (lace) or something else elegant, ladylike, with a sleeve would be nice. I also think about the plus size bride, are they ALL comfortable in a strapless?? I personally am SO OVER STRAPLESS WEDDING GOWNS!!!! everyone is, has done it designers BE unique, be different, dont go with the flow of strapless like EVERY OTHER DESIGNER!!!!

August 21, 2010
11:58 AM
tls1959 said:

Love the Alita Graham for Kleinfeld Kollection look....I was looking for something along the lines of Ivanka trump's dress which I think was stunning. So refreshing to see something other than strapless.

August 25, 2010
11:57 AM
Debbiedo said:

I want to see some options for brides like myself who want to see gowns with sleeves or at the very least some pretty cover-ups or shrugs that are lacey and ultra feminine. And double whammy I'm a plus size gal with curves not flab. Do you have a gown for me?

October 10, 2010
9:48 PM
Vicky said:

I like the Alita Graham gown and the sheerness of the sleeves. However, my daughter is considering a long-sleeved wedding gown. Would you happen to have something in stock with Bell Sleeves?

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